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Why a few Ugandans passed primary one


By Ndawula Ronald 

My friend and role model H.E. Amb.Rtd. Maj James William Kinobe had an exceptional and disarming way to counter opponents at the many numerous talk shows and debates.

He was not the shouting type to win an argument but a composed listener, knowledgeable, informed and alwys gave precise, articulate and well thought answers that invited my admiration and approval.

I believe he is in the league of former MP Hon. Kyanjo, Hon. semujju Nganda, and Meddard Sseggona.

On a particular night he talked about lawyers and their clients where he said, “when a client approaches a lawyer and asks what is 2×1=?

The lawyer will tell a client that the answer is 2 but what do you want it to be? 

When the client says, I want it to be 3!

The lawyer can never say it’s impossible! 

He says, let’s try to see whether the judge will mistake the multiplication for a plus sign and we get 3.

Pay your filing fees and we go to court.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

The other day NRM chairpersons in Uganda endorsed President Museveni for 2026!

Yesterday the original Generals also gave their take and endorsed Museveni for 2026!

It’s also very clear Muhoozi is exuberant, courageously pursuing, probably a promise from his father to be the heir apparent to Uganda monarchy using President Musevenis team of Balaaam and others.

Museveni and Muhoozi to me is 1×1=1

Why do people in Uganda wish to have a different answer to even imagine there’s a battle between the two?

One is the father of the son just as the bible explicitly put it, “me and my father are one”.

The campaign chairman of team MK is none other than the uncle and brother to the father!

Why do you wish to have a different answer to 1×1×1?

When Muhoozi made a mother of all tweets about going to Nairobi in 2 weeks, the tweet was so good that he became a General in the UPDF.

Guess who goes to pip his new elevation?

It’s also his uncle a General in UPDF and a brother to the former.

Why do you wish to have 1×1×1×1 to be equal 4?

Muhoozi passion according to his tweet is to gift his mother by becoming the President of Uganda.

Muhoozis mother is the wife to his father who is also the first lady!

How do you expect 

1×1×1×1×1 to give you a different answer if ever you went to primary 1.

Why do we even go on TV to debate and pretend to be discussing issues of national importance?

You know the answers but pretend and feign ignorance to mint tax payer’s money or what?

This Ebola campaign has been the worst pandemic for Min.of health this season.

When I saw Hon.Ruth Aceng up in arms to accuse the donors of corruption for the money they’re donating I knew things are not okay.

I believe the donors are more interested in stopping Ebola than the Ugandan team that’s why they footing hefty bills on our behalf.

It’s trite that he who pays the piper calls the tunes. It’s their money let them help Ugandans to kick out Ebola and remove the curse that has befallen our country.

Pandemics are curses in the Old Testament which always happen when God is angry at his people. 

Watch your ways.

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former Chairperson of Luwero district 

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