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Infinix Smart X5010 Review


Infinix Mobility Limited has somehow mastered the game of changing people’s boring moods by dropping one stylish phone after another in the ever-changing technology business. Allow me to take you on a 2-week thrilling journey with the stylish Infinix Smart X5010.

Before using any of its functions, you will be blown away by the sleek design of this amazing device, which comes with a free USB cable that also serves as a charger when connected to a free plug and is packaged in an affordable pack with a pair of headsets.

The Infinix Smart is a medium-sized dual-sim Android/smart phone that can fit in your pockets and may one day save you from city pocket pickers. Do you already feel safe? Well

The Power Source

This amazing Infinix Smart X5010 comes with a built-in non-removable battery that can last up to a day depending on your usage. This battery has a capacity of 3060 mAh and will save you the trouble of carrying a charger to work or any other long-term engagement. This incredible smart phone also allows you to monitor which apps use the most of your battery, which will help you decide which app to use most, especially when your battery is running low.


The Infinix Smart X5010 is equipped with two cameras: an 8-megapixel rear camera (with flash) and a 2-megapixel selfie camera. In fact, the picture quality for both the front and selfie cameras is subpar, particularly in indoor scenes. This could be a major setback for Instagram and Snapchat enthusiasts.

Internet and storage

Another outstanding feature of the Infinix Smart X5010 is its 16GB storage capacity, which is supplemented by 1GB of RAM. With its 16GB phone storage capacity, you can download as many apps from Google Play as you want, as well as other files such as music.

In terms of internet connectivity, the Infinix Smart X5010 does not support 4G networks because it was designed to use only 2G and 3G connections. This could be another setback in this rapidly evolving technological era in which every internet user prefers 4G internet. The good news is that it supports wi-fi, which you can connect to for faster internet access. You don’t have to be selfish with your internet with the Infinix smart X5010.

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