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Nilotika Cultural Ensemble Unleashes Historic Nyabingi Resurrection Album

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In a momentous musical event, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble has proudly unveiled their historic album, “Nyabingi Resurrection,” marking a significant achievement in the realm of Reggae. This remarkable project, developed in collaboration with Switchstance Recordings, serves as the inaugural African Nyabingi recording, emanating from the vibrant heart of East Africa, specifically at the East African Records studio in Kampala, Uganda. The recording session, spanning two transformative weeks, brought together a collective of around 15 talented individuals, comprising friends, family, and accomplished instrumentalists, all of whom contributed to the creation of this exceptional musical masterpiece.

The essence of “Nyabingi Resurrection” is the revival of ancient rhythms and the infusion of modern technology, combined with captivating elements such as chanting, drumming, rap, and virtuoso instrumental performances. The result is nothing short of extraordinary, a harmonious blend of diverse musical influences and traditions.

Nyabingi, one of the Mansions of Rastafari, reveres the drumming tradition and righteous living as the pathways to spiritual enlightenment. The Mansion derives its name from Nyabingi, the warrior queen who ruled an East African kingdom in the 18th century. Following her tragic murder in a royal dispute, a religious movement formed around her spirit, igniting anti-colonial revolts throughout the region. Nyabingi’s adherents, in their quest for resistance, employed intense drumming to strike fear into the hearts of colonial authorities and their allies. Such was the power of Nyabingi’s spirit that it was believed to have possessed Queen Muhumusa in the late 19th century, a woman so formidable that she was incarcerated for life, and the colonial authorities imposed a ban on drumming to curb her influence.

Fast forward to the present day, the descendants of Nyabingi continue to echo the rhythms of their ancestors in the same East African region. Notable among these groups is Nilotika Tugifa, also known as Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, under the leadership of Jajja Kalanda. They preserve the same patterns and instruments as their Nyabingi forebears while evolving and refining their technique, influenced by Caribbean sounds and styles embraced by the Rasta Mansion that adopted their name. Similar to the Rastafarians, Nilotika’s culture champions artistic creativity, community values, and a clean way of life as an alternative to the prevalent corruption and capitalism in mainstream Ugandan society.

This marks a truly unique chapter in the annals of African music. The resounding drumbeats of the Nyabingi and Muhumusa followers, which once resonated across continents, were the source of inspiration for the Rastafarians in Jamaica as they rallied against the shackles of slavery and neo-imperialism. Today, in the very birthplace of this powerful rhythm, Jajja Kalanda and the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble have rekindled the musical spirit, emboldened by the music of Rastafari to confront the forces of Babylon once more. It’s a momentous and poetic full circle in the history of music, where traditions and rhythms have traveled through time and space, connecting people and cultures in a harmonious, rhythmic embrace.

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Omusawo Tintah To Host Renowned Swiss Artist Mr. Kamanzi on Metro fm 90.8

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Metro FM 90.8’s celebrated radio presenter and media activist, Omusawo Tintah, is gearing up to host the sensational Switzerland-based singer, Mr. Kamanzi, this Friday on his renowned radio show, Free Style Friday, running from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Omusawo Tintah’s Free Style Friday has become a staple for music enthusiasts, featuring top-notch music and hosting internationally acclaimed artists. The show’s popularity has soared, making it one of Uganda’s most loved and trending radio programs.

Mr. Kamanzi, who is set to be the special guest on this week’s episode, brings a wealth of musical talent and a captivating story to share. His journey in the world of music began at the age of 12, fueled by a deep passion for the art form. One of his childhood dreams was to perform on the grand stage, a dream that materialized in 1995 and marked the commencement of his music career.

Known for his distinctive vocal style, often referred to as “the husky voice of Africa,” Mr. Kamanzi migrated to Switzerland a few years later. In 2008, he had the privilege of sharing the stage with T.o.k and Sean Paul in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a significant milestone in his musical journey.

With two published albums, namely “Unite” and “Today and Tomorrow,” Mr. Kamanzi has made waves in the music industry. His track “Show Dem the Sign” received extensive airplay on local radio stations, solidifying his position as a notable artist. His performances have graced numerous stages across Africa and Europe, showcasing his versatility in musical genres, including Reggae, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and Pop Dancehall.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Mr. Kamanzi’s work with the Reggaenerators since 2021 has added a collaborative dimension to his career. His music carries a powerful message of upliftment, education, peace, and love, aligning with his personal motto: “Anywhere mi deh mi spread love.”

As Free Style Friday prepares to host this illustrious artist, fans can anticipate an engaging and soulful session, blending Omusawo Tintah’s charismatic hosting with the melodious tunes and inspiring story of Mr. Kamanzi. Tune in to Metro FM 90.8 this Friday for a musical experience that transcends borders and embraces the universal language of love through music.

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The African Food and Culture Festival Evolves into The World Food and Cultural Festival

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The African Food and Culture Festival Evolves into The World Food and Cultural Festival lowethird

We are delighted to bring you extraordinary news – a grand transformation is underway! The festival you have come to love is evolving into something even more inclusive and spectacular. With immense joy and enthusiasm, we announce the rebranding of our beloved event from the African Food and Culture Festival to the World Food and Cultural Festival!

Why the Change? 🌐

As we reflect on the incredible success and growth of our festival over the years, it became evident that our passion for diversity and celebration knows no bounds. Our initial focus on African cuisine and culture was just the beginning, and now, we are thrilled to embrace the rich tapestry of the entire world.

What’s in Store for You? 🎊

Get ready for an even more spectacular and diverse experience! The World Food and Cultural Festival is not just a name change; it’s a promise to bring you the best of global cuisine, performances, and traditions. From the vibrant streets of Marrakech to the bustling markets of Tokyo, our festival will now be a melting pot of flavors and cultures from every corner of the globe.

Highlights of the World Food and Cultural Festival:

  • 🍲 Global Gastronomy: Indulge in an unparalleled culinary journey with a vast array of dishes representing the world’s diverse cuisines.
  • 🌍 Cultural Extravaganza: Immerse yourself in the beauty of global traditions with captivating performances, art installations, and interactive displays.
  • 💃 Interactive Fun: From cooking demos to dance lessons, participate in activities that will transport you to different cultures.
  • 🎟️ Expanded Horizons: Discover new tastes and experiences as we broaden our festival’s scope to embrace the world’s many cultures.

Save the Date: September 2024

Mark your calendars for [Event Date] and join us at [Event Location] for a celebration like no other. Tickets are now available, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the World Food and Cultural Festival!

Stay Connected! 🌐

Follow us on social media @NewFestivalHandle for exciting updates, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and special announcements. The world is coming to your doorstep, and we want you to be a part of it!

Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to share this global journey with you at the World Food and Cultural Festival!

Sincerely, Your Festival Team Representative Mariah Ndagire #WorldFoodFest #CulturalJourney #GlobalFlavors

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Kadaga Applauds 2023 Nyege Nyege Festival Attendees for Boosting Local Economy

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Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs, expressed gratitude to the numerous attendees who thronged the 2023 Nyege Nyege festival on its opening day. She commended them for their support of the local economy in Busoga and the broader tourism sector in Uganda, urging everyone to relish the festivities.

In her address, Kadaga invited festival-goers to consider wise investments in the region, emphasizing the potential benefits they could reap in the forthcoming editions of the festival. This underscores the festival’s significant economic impact on the community of Jinja and its environs.

Organized by the Talent Africa Group and sponsored by Uganda Waragi, the festival, often hailed as the “Tomorrowland of Africa,” is hosting its eighth edition in Jinja City from November 9th to 12th. Known for drawing thousands of both local and international visitors, the event promises three days of music, community engagement, self-expression, and diversity.

During her brief tour of the festival grounds, Kadaga visited the Busoga Kingdom stage, set to showcase performances from over 25 artists from the region. Additionally, she spent time at Uganda Breweries Limited’s “Wrong Side of the Road” tent, an initiative promoting responsible and healthy alcohol consumption habits among attendees.

Addressing security concerns, Kadaga assured the audience, stating, “His Excellency the President has requested me to assure you that all the major events in Jinja – starting with this one and the Kyabazinga’s wedding happening next weekend – are fully secure.” She further highlighted the deployment of senior military and police officers with expertise in specific fields to oversee security at the festival.

Among the key security figures mentioned were Brig. Gen. Joseph Semwanga, the UPDF 1st Division Commander; Col. Robert Ruteinama, the Busoga region UPDF Cantonment Commander; ACP Ashraf Chemonges, the Commander of the Alert Squad in the Uganda Police; Brig. Joseph Semwanga; ACP Patrick Lawot; and Col. Bernard Tuhame. Their presence aims to ensure a secure environment for festival-goers and upcoming events in Jinja.

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Rapper Ralo Released from Prison After Six-Year Incarceration

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Rapper Ralo, whose real name is Terrell Davis, has been released from prison after spending nearly six years behind bars following his arrest on drug trafficking charges in 2018. Footage of his release emerged on Wednesday (November 8), capturing the heartfelt welcome he received from friends and family outside the penitentiary.

Ralo was all smiles as he was embraced by those who hadn’t seen him in years. He ditched his prison jumpsuit for designer clothes, marking the end of his lengthy incarceration.

The 28-year-old rapper was sentenced to eight years in prison last year after federal agents accused him of trafficking over $2 million worth of marijuana in 2018. He has now been credited with time served, and a judge recommended one year of house arrest with an ankle monitor once the halfway house approved his home address.

Ralo, who was signed to Gucci Mane’s New 1017 Records label, is reportedly planning to make his return to the music scene with a new song aptly titled “First Day Out,” set to be released later this week.

During his time in prison, Ralo faced snitching allegations after one of his artists confronted him in May about cooperating with the government. He clarified that it was all a misunderstanding stemming from a prosecutor misconduct hearing.

In an Instagram post, Ralo wrote, “I hate to see us as people continue to kick one another down. Our government has been taking advantage of our weaknesses and using us against us. We should know by now that we’re stronger together, and every enemy has weaknesses. When there’s no loophole in a case, you gotta make a loophole. We must attack what they did wrong and focus less on our wrong. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!”

He went on to say, “Sometimes we have to read the entire book to know the truth behind the lies in the story. Know that everything isn’t always what it seems to be. I never told y’all one lie in my life, and I swear by Allah I never cooperated with the federal government. Not one human being on Earth can say they’re in jail for RALO.”

Ralo’s release also means he will be reunited with his daughter. In April, he had an emotional moment when he saw her for the first time in five years since his arrest.

“I waited 5 long years just to be able to touch my daughter. As soon as I felt her little arms wrap around me in that visitation room, it felt like my soul was released from my body,” he wrote on social media, alongside a photo of the heartwarming moment. “That feeling was so good that I’ll never forget it. I never called myself a rapper due to the lame stuff that goes on in the industry, but I can now honestly say I’m thankful for the rap game because it helped me take care of my daughter and more during my entire bid.”

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Sonja Norwood Clarifies Hospitalization Incident After IV Treatment

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brandy reality show lowethird

Sonja Norwood, the mother of Brandy and Ray J, has addressed the recent reports of her hospitalization following complications from an in-home IV treatment. Contrary to recent headlines, she reassured her loved ones and the public that she is in good health.

TMZ had reported her hospitalization on Monday (November 6), stating that Sonja experienced “sudden rapid breathing” while receiving an IV of vitamins C and B, calcium, and magnesium. Ray J, concerned for his mother, called an ambulance, and she was later cleared by medical professionals.

Taking to her Facebook account the following day, Sonja clarified the incident, emphasizing that it had occurred weeks prior, and she is perfectly fine.

Sonja stated, “I don’t usually address stories about myself, but I was quite surprised to wake up to a call from a long-time friend/publicist asking, ‘Sonja, are you in the hospital, and are you okay?’ ‘What? Where is that coming from?’ I asked. There was a TMZ story that I was not aware of. She sent the link, and when I looked at it, I frowned and said, ‘That was weeks ago.’ And, ‘They could have gotten my age right.'”

She continued, “Then the floodgates of concerns just took over my phone. I had no idea the responses would be so huge to the point I couldn’t address them one by one, so I felt the need to say something publicly. Thank God I am not in the hospital. I’m doing great! I did have a negative reaction to an IV VITAMIN Therapy WEEKS AGO! It was not a big deal.”

Sonja also shared that she had sought medical attention, and her medical reports received a clean bill of health. She expressed her gratitude for the concern from her friends and followers and concluded by asking them not to be upset with TMZ.

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The Norwood family has a history of being close-knit, with Ray J showing his appreciation for his sister Brandy by getting a portrait of her tattooed on his leg last summer as a thank-you for her support in his music career.

Despite Brandy’s initial hesitance about the tattoo, Ray J expressed his love for his sister and gratitude for her assistance in his career. Brandy left loving comments on Ray J’s Instagram post of the tattoo, showing her support.

Ray J stands by his decision, emphasizing that “love kills hate” and expressing his affection for his sister. He mentioned that the tattoo is growing on him and that it symbolizes his love and appreciation for Brandy’s support in his life and career.

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Bianca Censori Reportedly Upset Over Kim Kardashian’s Comments About Kanye West’s Security

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Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has allegedly expressed her discontent with some recent remarks made by Kim Kardashian regarding her children’s safety when they are with Kanye.

According to an insider who shared information with DailyMail earlier this week, Censori is reportedly frustrated and wishes Kim Kardashian would “take a step back and mind her own business.”

Censori’s reaction came after Kim Kardashian revealed on a recent episode of “The Kardashians” that their daughter North prefers staying with Kanye because of the simplicity, lack of security, personal chefs, and nannies.

“Bianca believes that Kim’s decision to share this information on ‘The Kardashians’ was inconsiderate and potentially compromised their children’s safety,” the source claimed.

“It is unnecessary for the public to be aware of moments when their children may not have protection. She simply wants Kim to refrain from discussing her husband, Kanye, in a negative light in an attempt to enhance her own image.”

During the episode, Kim had a conversation with her sister Kourtney in which she disclosed that North appreciates staying with her father, Kanye, following their divorce, as it offers a more straightforward and normal life.

“North loves going to her dad’s. She’ll say, ‘Dad is the best! He has everything figured out. He doesn’t have a nanny, he doesn’t have a chef, he doesn’t have security, he lives in an apartment,'” Kim mentioned.

“She’ll become emotional, saying, ‘Why don’t you live in an apartment? I can’t believe we don’t live in an apartment!'”

However, over the summer, Kanye and Bianca spent a significant portion of their time in Italy. Recently, West has been in Saudi Arabia without Censori.

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Kanye initially arrived in Dubai late last month as a special guest at the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury boxing match, where he was joined by celebrities like Eminem and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He decided to stay in the United Arab Emirates and brought some family members along. North, the 10-year-old, has been seen by his side.

Footage surfaced over the weekend, showing Kanye and North interacting with fans while in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It appeared that none of the other children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made the trip, and Bianca Censori was not present.

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