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Democratic Party: New Leadership Takes Over Inter-Party Women Platform in Uganda



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In a recent transition of leadership, the Democratic Party (DP) has assumed control of the Inter-Party Women Platform in Uganda (IWOP), formerly led by the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT). The IWOP serves as a collective voice for women across political parties in Uganda, addressing issues affecting their participation in politics and within their respective parties.

Originally comprising members from nine registered political parties in Uganda, including the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Democratic Party (DP), Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Justice Forum (JEEMA), National Resistance Movement (NRM), Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), and the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC), the platform has now welcomed its tenth member, the Conservative Party.

Ambassador Edith Sempala, the outgoing chairperson of IWOP, expressed her excitement, highlighting the uniqueness of this initiative in Uganda. She emphasized that any registered political party in Uganda with a physical location and a functional women’s league is eligible to join IWOP. The platform provides a space for women to engage in dialogue, offer mutual support, share information, and foster capacity building and leadership development to enhance women’s involvement in politics. Additionally, IWOP aims to build consensus, strengthen networks, and engage in collective advocacy on issues impacting women in Uganda.

Ambassador Sempala believes that through IWOP, the collective potential of women in political parties can be harnessed to contribute to peace, unity, and sustainable development at the national, regional, and international levels by addressing common concerns across political divides. She conveyed this message as she handed over leadership at the ANT head offices in Kampala.

Aisha Waliggo, the incoming chairperson and DP Women League President, urged her colleagues not to be disheartened by numbers but to remain focused on their objectives. She emphasized that their role is advocacy and called upon all Ugandans to believe in the possibility of a peaceful transfer of power. She noted that women constitute 52% of the population and their contributions should be mainstreamed and of high quality. She expressed a commitment to working together for the betterment of the women’s community in Uganda.

Alice Alaso, a founding member of the Alliance for National Transformation, acknowledged the challenges ahead and stressed the importance of strengthening women’s leagues within political parties. She called on Secretary Generals to support the growth of women’s leagues, which, in turn, would fortify IWOP. Alaso recognized the political challenges in the country, emphasizing the need for a detoxification of the political environment to empower Ugandan women.

Launched on March 2, 2023, IWOP undergoes leadership changes every six months in alphabetical order. The platform aims to empower women leaders to devise strategies and advocate for changes that enhance women’s participation in political parties and politics in Uganda.

During the launch, Mr. Francis Rogers, Resident Country Director of the International Republican Institute (IRI), emphasized the importance of finding common ground among diverse political ideologies. He highlighted the strength of women’s voices, both individually and collectively. The platform does not diminish the significance of any political party or women’s group; instead, it unites women to address the issues affecting them in Uganda, regardless of differing ideologies.

Mr. Francis encouraged women to recognize their collective power and use the platform to amplify their voices in influential circles. He expressed optimism that this group of women would be able to effect change and have their concerns addressed.

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Renowned Radio DJ “Omusawo Tintah” Jets In Tanzania For Royal Roots Reggae Festival – The Hoima Post –

Avatar of Xavier Beats Makup



renowned-radio-dj-“omusawo-tintah”-jets-in-tanzania-for-royal-roots-reggae-festival-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – In an exciting turn of events, the acclaimed radio DJ, Male Deogratius, popularly known as Omusawo Tintah, touched down in Tanzania on Thursday morning, gearing up for a momentous occasion—the Royal Roots Reggae Festival. The event promises to be a celebration of reggae culture, uniting fans from across the globe for a night of rhythmic beats and positive vibes.

Omusawo Tintah, a well-known figure in the music scene, is set to co-host the festival alongside Tanzanian sensation Ranking Boy. The dynamic duo aims to create an unforgettable experience for reggae enthusiasts, showcasing the rich heritage of roots reggae.

The Royal Roots Reggae Festival, scheduled to take place at Alliance Francaise Tanzania, has generated immense anticipation. The venue, known for its cultural significance, will provide an intimate setting for music lovers to immerse themselves in the sounds of reggae.

Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Expresses Gratitude to Real Supporters

International Flair: Jamaican Sensation Radeal to Headline Alongside Bob Chuwa, Dipper Rato, and Sean Quince

The festival’s lineup boasts an impressive array of international artists, including the legendary Jamaican performer Radeal. Hailing from the reggae capital, Jamaica, Radeal is expected to bring his signature style and infectious energy to the Tanzanian stage.

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Joining Radeal are other notable artists such as Bob Chuw, Dipper Rato, and Sean Quince, each contributing their unique talents to the festival. The diverse lineup ensures a fusion of reggae sub-genres, promising an eclectic and vibrant musical experience for attendees.

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Cultural Fusion at Alliance Francaise Tanzania

Alliance Francaise Tanzania, a hub for cultural exchange, is the ideal venue for the Royal Roots Reggae Festival. With its commitment to promoting the arts, the venue sets the stage for a night of unity and celebration. Attendees can expect a fusion of reggae rhythms and Tanzanian hospitality, creating an atmosphere that transcends borders.

As Omusawo Tintah and Ranking Boy prepare to take center stage, the Royal Roots Reggae Festival holds the promise of being a landmark event in Tanzania’s cultural calendar. With international and local talents converging in a celebration of reggae’s roots, the festival is set to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Ticket Information and Event Details

Tickets for the Royal Roots Reggae Festival are now available for purchase online and at select outlets. The festival will kick off at 7:00 PM on 8th dec , promising a night filled with pulsating beats and positive vibrations. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this reggae extravaganza—get your tickets and join Omusawo Tintah  for a night to remember!

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Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors And Expresses Gratitude To Real Supporters – The Hoima Post –

Avatar of Male Deogratius



halle-bailey-addresses-pregnancy-rumors-and-expresses-gratitude-to-real-supporters-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Variety’s annual “Actors On Actors” feature, released earlier this week, presented insightful conversations between various actors discussing their craft and the year’s experiences. Among the notable interviews was the one featuring Margot Robbie and Cilian Murphy, who played lead roles in this summer’s box office clash between “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.”

However, another conversation that garnered attention was between Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler. Bailey shared their cover photo on her Instagram story, expressing admiration for Zegler. Following this, Bailey conveyed heartfelt gratitude to what she considers her genuine supporters, addressing the challenges of being under public scrutiny.

In her statement, Bailey acknowledged the difficulties of being scrutinized and emphasized her appreciation for those who show unconditional love and respect for women’s bodies. The message seemed to be a response to the pregnancy rumors surrounding her, a topic that has generated considerable speculation and commentary on social media.

The pregnancy rumors began when Bailey’s boyfriend shared a video on Snapchat last month. Fans analyzed the footage and speculated about a brief moment where Bailey might appear pregnant. Despite the online discussions, Bailey has largely remained silent on the matter, addressing it indirectly in her recent statement.

The Instagram post’s comments section highlighted the type of remarks that Bailey finds bothersome, with users speculating about her pregnancy and expressing curiosity. Bailey’s message serves as a clear response to these speculations, conveying her gratitude for the real supporters who demonstrate unconditional love.

As the discussion continues, the public awaits further updates on Halle Bailey’s perspective and the ongoing rumors. Share your thoughts on her message and the pregnancy speculation in the comments below.

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Soulja Boy Surprises Fans With Public Announcement: “Ready For Another Kid, Hit The DM” – The Hoima Post –

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soulja-boy-surprises-fans-with-public-announcement:-“ready-for-another-kid,-hit-the-dm”-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

In a surprising turn of events, Soulja Boy recently sparked a social media frenzy with an unexpected Instagram announcement expressing his desire to expand his family. The “Crank Dat” rapper took to his IG story, boldly declaring, “I’m ready to have another kid. Hit the DM if you’re interested.” This unfiltered revelation has left fans and followers both astonished and entertained, as Soulja Boy continues to defy norms by making his personal life a public spectacle.

While the rapper has been relatively low-key, with one notable exception in October when he threatened legal action against Complex for questioning the authenticity of his jewelry and clothes, his latest proclamation has elevated him back into the spotlight. Soulja Boy’s direct approach to the possibility of fatherhood again has triggered diverse reactions on social media, ranging from excitement to disbelief.

The rapper, already a father to a daughter, has previously made surprising announcements, but this move has raised questions about the motives behind such a public declaration. Is Soulja Boy genuinely seeking love, or is this a playful stunt to keep the internet abuzz? Social media has been flooded with memes, jokes, and speculations about potential candidates stepping up to join him on this unconventional journey to parenthood.

While some criticize the rapper’s approach, labeling it as “UNHINGED behavior,” others anticipate curious individuals reaching out to his DMs in pursuit of being the next baby mama. The unconventional nature of Soulja Boy’s announcement has the internet buzzing with speculation on whether he is truly on a quest for love or simply stirring up attention.

As the online community awaits updates on this intriguing development, one thing is certain: Soulja Boy has once again captured the attention of fans and critics alike. Whether this leads to a new addition to his family or becomes a chapter in the rapper’s social media history remains uncertain. Until then, the world watches as Soulja Boy embarks on his quest to find the perfect contender for expanding his family. Share your thoughts on this unexpected revelation in the comments below!

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Boosie Badazz Responds To Backlash Over Dating Advice To Daughter’s Boyfriend – The Hoima Post –

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boosie-badazz-responds-to-backlash-over-dating-advice-to-daughter’s-boyfriend-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Boosie Badazz is addressing the criticism he received after sharing dating advice with his daughter’s boyfriend. During an Instagram Live session over the weekend, the Baton Rouge rapper told 21-year-old Tarlaysia Hatch’s boyfriend, “You can cheat on her, but don’t beat on her.” This advice sparked controversy, prompting Boosie to defend his parenting skills on Instagram on Monday (December 4).

Boosie began his response by addressing the negative comments and emphasizing that he won’t interfere in his daughter’s relationships unless there’s physical abuse involved. He challenged those criticizing him, stating, “A lot of y’all commenting – y’all ain’t got no dad. Y’all ain’t gon’ call y’all dad and tell him y’all got a boyfriend because y’all don’t even care what y’all daddy say.”

Styles P Reveals DMX Targeted Ja Rule in Classic Track “We Don’t Give A”

The rapper continued, highlighting the strong bond he shares with his daughter, stating, “Me and my daughter…me and Pretty Black is thick as thieves. I talk to her about anything, she talks to me about anything.” Boosie defended his parenting, asserting that he is a good father and emphasized that he prioritizes being a father above all else.

In the Instagram caption, Boosie further defended his parenting skills, challenging others to compare him to their fathers. He asserted that he is a good father who has maintained positive relationships with his children, despite having multiple baby mothers.

Contrastingly, Boosie’s relationship with his daughter Toriana Hatch took a sour turn over the summer, with accusations of threats and disinheritance. The feud stemmed from Boosie’s song “Ungrateful,” in which he dissed Toriana and her mother, Rachel Wagner, among others. The subsequent bitterness between them led Toriana to accuse Boosie of threatening her and removing her from his will.

This public dispute unfolded after Boosie admitted to threatening his daughter due to her behavior, claiming she was “embarrassing the family” by engaging in inappropriate activities.

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Alicia Keys’ Musical “Hell’s Kitchen” Set For Broadway Debut – The Hoima Post –

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alicia-keys’-musical-“hell’s-kitchen”-set-for-broadway-debut-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Alicia Keys’ musical, “Hell’s Kitchen,” based on her life, is set to make its Broadway debut in the spring. Currently playing at the Public Theater until January 14, the musical will transfer to the Shubert Theater on Broadway starting March 28, with an opening night scheduled for April 20.

In a statement, Alicia expressed, “Good things take time, and for 13 years, I’ve been dreaming, developing, and finding inspiration for a musical based on my experience growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Hell’s Kitchen is inspired by my life, but it’s not a biographical story. It’s a story about family relationships and identity: Who are we? Who do we want to be? Who are we becoming?”

She continued, “The score features new songs that I’m really excited to get out into the world alongside many of my album releases that you know but you’ve never heard like this – rearranged and reinterpreted.”

The musical is scored by the award-winning singer, and the book is written by Kristoffer Diaz. The Broadway cast has not yet been announced.

In addition to her success in the arts, Alicia Keys has had a significant year in business. She recently filed a trademark to launch a new tea brand, “Alicia Teas,” inspired by a gift from her husband, Swizz Beatz. Swizz had gifted her a brand of tea bags in 2020, declaring that the brand would one day be sold in Starbucks locations globally.

The new tea brand, “Alicia Teas,” is expected to make its debut, although the exact launch date is currently unclear.

In September, Alicia reciprocated the thoughtful gesture by taking Swizz on a birthday trip to France to celebrate his 45th birthday. The celebration included family and friends, including Pharrell, at a chateau in the Cognac region, featuring a dinner with fresh fish, sushi, and flowing red wine.

“The love for my 45 made me feel ultra alive! Thank you everyone for the love and blessings!!!! The Biggest thank you to my amazing thoughtful wife for setting up this 1 of 1 night @aliciakeys Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” Swizz expressed in the caption of his Instagram video.

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Styles P Reveals DMX Targeted Ja Rule In Classic Track “We Don’t Give A” – The Hoima Post –

Avatar of Male Deogratius



styles-p-reveals-dmx-targeted-ja-rule-in-classic-track-“we-don’t-give-a”-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Styles P has unveiled that DMX had a specific target in mind when recording the classic track “We Don’t Give A.” During a visit to The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (December 5), the LOX MC disclosed that Ja Rule was the subject of Dark Man X’s lyrical crosshairs.

“The song was about Ja,” Styles told Charlamagne Tha God. “You didn’t know that? X and Ja having beef. They were dogs.”

Continuing to shed light on the matter, Styles added, “He’s in it, I’m in it with him. Y’all had to know that! Listen to the lyrics!”

Blueface’s Mom, Karlissa Saffold, Takes Aim at Jaidyn Alexis’ Family in Fiery Social Media Rant

Although The Breakfast Club hosts expressed surprise at the revelation of DMX and Ja Rule’s beef, there were indications of their falling out as early as 2002. The dispute stemmed from DMX’s belief that Ja Rule was imitating his style.

“Everybody in here don’t want me to do it – they whining – but I’m gonna do it,” DMX said to HipHopDX at the time.

When questioned about their similar styles, DMX asserted, “It’s not like I’m the only one thinking about this. N-ggas ask me about this shit every day. So what I’m gonna do? Sit here and do nothing about this shit? That ain’t right. I could see if the n-gga talked like that regularly. How I talk is how I rap.”

According to DMX, Ja Rule’s attitude changed with his success, and DMX wasn’t pleased with it.

“We up in the club in LA, one night, he got his people, I got my people,” DMX explained. “We at opposite sides of the club. Me, out of respect – that’s my n-gga – take two people with me to get through the crowd. I take a bottle of liquor over there and have a couple of drinks with my n-gga, cause that’s how I am. Two weeks later we happened to be in the same club. Same circumstances. Some kid walks over to me and says ‘Ja says he is over there.’ I’m like ‘Aight, is he gonna come over?’ ‘Nah, he said come over there.’ Get the fuck out of here man, I already extended my hand once. Give me the same courtesy. You can’t do the same as me? I sent him right back over there. You’d think Ja would come over here after all that. Nothin!’ I’m like, “fuck you.””

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