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Pixel 6 in 2023: Why Google’s 2021 Smartphone Still Shines

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In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the latest releases. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Pixel 6, launched in 2021, as it remains a compelling choice in 2023. Contrary to the constant phone upgrades often portrayed on social media, most users don’t replace their phones annually, opting for a more extended 3 to 4-year cycle. Here’s why the Pixel 6 is still a relevant and reliable option two years after its debut.

Design & Build

Google’s Pixel 6 sports a bold two-tone design that’s a refreshing departure from the simpler aesthetics of its predecessors. This modern design language is set to influence the look of Google’s devices for the foreseeable future.

While an all-black option is always a safe choice, the Pixel 6 offers captivating color options. The “Kinda Coral” shade, a delightful pinkish-orange, caught our attention. Other color choices include “Stormy Black” (essentially black) and “Sorta Seafoam” (a shade of green).

The Pixel 6 boasts a sturdy build, though it tends to be on the thick side and can be a bit slippery to hold due to its smooth and glossy glass back. A matte finish or textured grip would have been appreciated.

The camera visor running across the back of the phone is a standout feature, housing the impressive camera system. It not only adds to the aesthetics but also provides a convenient spot for your fingers to rest while holding the phone. While the Pixel 6 might not be the most snug fit for those with smaller hands, the visor contributes to its premium feel, an aspect missing in earlier models.

One notable aspect of the Pixel 6 is the tactile feedback of its physical buttons. The power and volume buttons on the top right emit a satisfying click when pressed, offering reassuring confirmation. However, some may find them slightly too noisy, particularly in quiet settings. Button noise preferences can be subjective, but there is room for a quieter yet effective solution.

Pixel 6 in hand


The Pixel 6 boasts a 6.4-inch HDR OLED display with a dynamic refresh rate that adjusts between 60Hz and 90Hz based on content. With a screen resolution of 1080p, it delivers sharp visuals suitable for most users. Notably, the Pixel 6 employs an in-display fingerprint sensor, replacing the rear-mounted sensor of previous models. While this sensor is innovative, its reliability can be hit or miss. Registering the same fingerprint twice may enhance recognition, but it’s still a tad finicky.

Google Pixel 6 Live translate

The Pixel 6 offers three color modes for the display: “Natural,” “Boosted,” and “Adaptive.” “Natural” offers the most accurate colors, while “Boosted” slightly enhances color vibrancy. “Adaptive” is the most customizable, enabling you to fine-tune color temperature and intensity according to your preferences. Each mode has its merits, and personal color accuracy preference varies.

Despite its decent peak brightness of 770 nits for outdoor visibility, there are occasional issues with the auto-brightness feature. Manual adjustments are sometimes necessary. Infrequently, the screen may experience momentary freezes, necessitating a return to the home screen. While not a common occurrence, it’s worth mentioning.

Software & Performance (Tensor Chip)

The Pixel 6 marks Google’s first foray into custom-made chips, with the introduction of Tensor. Designed to handle advanced AI tasks such as language translation, speech transcription, image processing, and live captioning, Tensor sets the Pixel 6 apart. While it may not lead the benchmarks, real-world performance is impressive. Apart from rare freezing instances, the Pixel 6 effortlessly handles gaming, browsing, messaging, and photography.

What distinguishes the Pixel 6 is its ability to tackle complex tasks typically reliant on an internet connection or cloud servers. For instance, you can use the Google Translate app to translate text or speech across languages, even offline. The Recorder app transcribes audio recordings into text, facilitating easy editing. Live Caption generates subtitles for video and audio content, even if they lack captions.

The Pixel 6’s camera system utilizes Tensor to enhance photos and videos. It automatically detects faces and adjusts focus and exposure, though it may occasionally suffer from over-processing. The Magic Eraser tool removes unwanted objects or individuals from photos. Cinematic Pan mode creates realistic motion blur effects in videos. Portrait Light lets you adjust lighting and shadows in portraits.

For those who prefer not to rush into the latest models, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series, featuring newer Tensor chips, offer enhanced features and performance. However, they come at a higher price point.


The Pixel 6 signifies a significant improvement in Google’s camera hardware and software compared to previous iterations. It boasts a 50-megapixel main sensor (binned to 12Mp) with OIS, EIS, LDAF, and an ƒ/1.85 aperture, along with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera sporting a 114-degree field of view. The main camera delivers exceptional photos with superb detail, depth of field, and color accuracy. The ultra-wide camera, while not quite as impressive as the main one, still performs admirably and offers a wider perspective.

The Pixel 6’s camera software is a standout feature, relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning for photo optimization. The Magic Eraser tool efficiently removes unwanted elements from photos. Color correction post-processing is sometimes overly sharp but generally improves image quality. The camera app allows direct QR code scanning without the need for Google Lens.

Exploring various modes and features can enhance your photography experience. Portrait mode adds a bokeh effect by blurring the background. The 2x zoom in profile mode enables close-ups, functioning as a workaround for a dedicated macro camera. Night Sight excels in low-light photography, with Face Unblur mitigating blurry shots. Speech enhancement is an option for video recordings.

The Pixel 6 camera stands as one of the best on the market, delivering high-quality photos that rival or surpass flagship phones from other brands.

Battery & Charging

The Pixel 6 houses a generous 4614mAh battery that easily lasts a full day with moderate to heavy usage. It supports fast charging, both wired and wireless, and even offers reverse charging for other devices. While a charger is not included in the box, any USB-C charger can be used, with 30W PD chargers for wired charging and 21W Qi chargers for wireless charging yielding optimal results. Charging from 0 to 80% takes about an hour, although it slows down to preserve battery health beyond this point.

Overheating concerns have been addressed with the Android 14 update, which optimizes thermal management and performance. After updating, the Pixel 6 operates coolly, even during video recording or extensive photography sessions in direct sunlight.

Android 14

As a Google phone, the Pixel 6 has already received the Android 14 update. This update rectified several issues, including overheating, and extended battery life. It introduced customizable lockscreen options, including various clock styles, wallpapers, and widgets. Google plans to roll out additional features in future updates, with the ability to use the Pixel 6 as a PC webcam among the most anticipated.

Is the Google Pixel 6 Worth Buying?

The Pixel 6 was

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Lil Durk Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Song Rights Fraud, Sparks Questions On Music Industry Transparency – The Hoima Post –

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lil-durk-faces-legal-battle-over-alleged-song-rights-fraud,-sparks-questions-on-music-industry-transparency-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Chicago rapper Lil Durk is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with startup Exceed Talent Capital, which claims that the artist engaged in fraudulent activities related to song rights. The startup alleges that Lil Durk committed “fraud” by granting rights to the same song to two different companies, resulting in over $12 million in damages.

According to the lawsuit, Lil Durk entered into an agreement with Alamo Records well before his association with Exceed Talent Capital. The startup asserts that the artist’s assertions and guarantees in the contract with Exceed were intentionally false when initially presented. Exceed claims to have paid Lil Durk for exclusive rights to convert his track “Bedtime” into a fractional investment opportunity. However, the startup alleges it was blindsided when it discovered Durk’s exclusive deal with Alamo Records, a fact not disclosed by the rapper.

The lawsuit contends that, despite contractual assurances from Lil Durk regarding his rights to the recording, it was revealed that he had already assigned those exact rights to a third party. Alamo Records issued a cease-and-desist letter to Exceed in May, stating that Durk was under an exclusive recording agreement and had no authority to sell his recording royalties to any other entity.

Faced with the legal challenge, Exceed demanded that Lil Durk rectify the situation or refund the $450,000 already paid. However, the lawsuit alleges that the rapper ignored these requests. The aftermath of this legal affair proved costly for Exceed Talent Capital, forcing the startup to cancel the sale after investing “significant time, effort, and financial resources” and securing approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The damages are estimated to surpass $12 million, putting Exceed in a precarious position.

Despite Lil Durk’s success on the charts, with “All My Life” reaching No. 2 on the Hot 100 earlier this year, the legal turmoil surrounding alleged fraudulent actions has raised questions about transparency and contractual obligations within the music industry. The lawsuit’s implications could extend beyond Lil Durk, impacting the broader landscape of artist-fintech relationships.

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Nicki Minaj Drops Highly Anticipated “Pink Friday 2” – Unleashes Fiery Disses And Dazzling Variety – The Hoima Post –

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nicki-minaj-drops-highly-anticipated-“pink-friday-2”-–-unleashes-fiery-disses-and-dazzling-variety-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Nicki Minaj, an artist consistently sought after by fans, stands as one of the most accomplished women in the rap industry, continually pushing the boundaries of success. After years of anticipation, she has finally delivered her latest project, “Pink Friday 2,” a sequel to her debut album of the same name. While replicating the original’s triumph was no easy feat, Nicki proves she’s more than up to the challenge.

The album boasts a diverse sonic landscape, with fans actively dissecting numerous bars. Notably, on the track “FTCU,” Nicki throws a not-so-subtle jab at Megan Thee Stallion, indicating a strained relationship between the two former associates. The reference to the Tory Lanez situation adds a layer of intrigue, as Nicki boldly declares, “Stay in your Tory lane, bitch, I’m not Iggy.”

Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Expresses Gratitude to Real Supporters

Adding to the drama, Nicki’s strained relations with Latto become apparent on “Fallin 4 U.” While the disses are arguably more subtle than those directed at Megan, the lyrics suggest an ongoing feud. Nicki’s lines, “Picture you endin’ up under the seat, where the dread at?/ Picture not listenin’ when I said you would dread that/ I mean locs, ho, you-you’s a chop ho/ I’m number one, y’all go argue over top four/ Clean, sweep, you gettin’ mopped, ho,” ignite speculation and fuel the feud between the two artists.

Despite the controversy, early fan reactions indicate a positive reception to the album. Share your thoughts on “Pink Friday 2” in the comments section below and join the conversation about Nicki Minaj’s latest musical venture.

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Uganda Human Rights Commission Raises Alarm Over Prison Congestion – The Hoima Post –

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uganda-human-rights-commission-raises-alarm-over-prison-congestion-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Ms. Mariam Wangadya, the chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), has expressed deep concern over the overcrowded conditions in prisons. During a press conference held in Kampala yesterday, Ms. Wangadya revealed that her commission, during visits to various prisons across the country, discovered that inmates are struggling to sleep due to the congested facilities.

Highlighting a recent visit to Jinja, Ms. Wangadya disclosed that the male prison, designed to accommodate 300 prisoners, was holding over 2,600 inmates at the time of her departure last Friday. She shared insights gained from interactions with prisoners, noting that the overcrowding has become so severe that individuals need to physically get up before turning due to limited space.

Ms. Wangadya’s remarks precede the upcoming Human Rights Day commemoration scheduled for December 10. Urging the acceleration of court case hearings to expedite the release of the innocent, she called upon the government to construct additional detention facilities.

She emphasized that many existing prisons were constructed during the colonial era when the population was significantly lower. With the current population being at least three times larger and crime rates continuing to rise, the need for new facilities is critical.

The concerns raised by Ms. Wangadya align with recent findings from the Government of Uganda-Development Partners Access to Justice report, which revealed a doubling of the prison population from 35,564 prisoners in the financial year 2013/2014 to 73,722 prisoners in 2022/2023.

The report suggests addressing this issue by expanding carrying capacity, implementing crime prevention measures, and exploring alternative modes of punishment beyond traditional incarceration. The escalating prisoner population is placing strain on housing, sanitation, healthcare, feeding, uniforms, staff numbers, and the transportation of prisoners to court, according to the report.

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Makerere University Initiates Probe Into Alleged Mark Sales Following Daily Monitor Exposé – The Hoima Post –

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makerere-university-initiates-probe-into-alleged-mark-sales-following-daily-monitor-expose-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

In response to an exposé by the Daily Monitor revealing the illicit sale of marks within the institution, Makerere University has launched an investigation into the matter. A public notice issued on December 6 urges members of the public to come forward with any information related to this issue, and channels such as phone contacts and emails have been provided for the submission of relevant details.

The university’s public notice specifically references an article published on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in the Daily Monitor titled “Marks for sale at universities.” Makerere University acknowledges the seriousness of the alleged malpractice and invites individuals with credible information about the issue of mark sales at the university to share their insights.

The investigation, prompted by a three-month-long inquiry by the Daily Monitor, exposed a pattern of students at Makerere and Kyambogo universities bribing teaching staff for improved marks. Recorded conversations, text messages, and WhatsApp exchanges were used to reveal the extent of the illicit network, involving both full and part-time lecturers, marking assistants, and intermediaries facilitating the flow of cash.

The revelations sparked public outrage, leading the Minister for Higher Education, Mr. John Muyingo, and the Vice Chancellor forum to advocate for a comprehensive investigation to apprehend those responsible for the malpractice.

As of press time, details about the membership of the investigation committee and the anticipated duration of the probe remain undisclosed. Efforts to contact the committee’s chairperson for clarification were unsuccessful.

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Renowned Radio DJ “Omusawo Tintah” Jets In Tanzania For Royal Roots Reggae Festival – The Hoima Post –

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renowned-radio-dj-“omusawo-tintah”-jets-in-tanzania-for-royal-roots-reggae-festival-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – In an exciting turn of events, the acclaimed radio DJ, Male Deogratius, popularly known as Omusawo Tintah, touched down in Tanzania on Thursday morning, gearing up for a momentous occasion—the Royal Roots Reggae Festival. The event promises to be a celebration of reggae culture, uniting fans from across the globe for a night of rhythmic beats and positive vibes.

Omusawo Tintah, a well-known figure in the music scene, is set to co-host the festival alongside Tanzanian sensation Ranking Boy. The dynamic duo aims to create an unforgettable experience for reggae enthusiasts, showcasing the rich heritage of roots reggae.

The Royal Roots Reggae Festival, scheduled to take place at Alliance Francaise Tanzania, has generated immense anticipation. The venue, known for its cultural significance, will provide an intimate setting for music lovers to immerse themselves in the sounds of reggae.

Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Expresses Gratitude to Real Supporters

International Flair: Jamaican Sensation Radeal to Headline Alongside Bob Chuwa, Dipper Rato, and Sean Quince

The festival’s lineup boasts an impressive array of international artists, including the legendary Jamaican performer Radeal. Hailing from the reggae capital, Jamaica, Radeal is expected to bring his signature style and infectious energy to the Tanzanian stage.

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Romance with Travis Kelce in TIME Person of the Year Interview

Joining Radeal are other notable artists such as Bob Chuw, Dipper Rato, and Sean Quince, each contributing their unique talents to the festival. The diverse lineup ensures a fusion of reggae sub-genres, promising an eclectic and vibrant musical experience for attendees.

Paris Jackson Navigates TMZ Interview with Diplomacy: Refuses to Comment on Offset’s Tattoo Tribute

Cultural Fusion at Alliance Francaise Tanzania

Alliance Francaise Tanzania, a hub for cultural exchange, is the ideal venue for the Royal Roots Reggae Festival. With its commitment to promoting the arts, the venue sets the stage for a night of unity and celebration. Attendees can expect a fusion of reggae rhythms and Tanzanian hospitality, creating an atmosphere that transcends borders.

As Omusawo Tintah and Ranking Boy prepare to take center stage, the Royal Roots Reggae Festival holds the promise of being a landmark event in Tanzania’s cultural calendar. With international and local talents converging in a celebration of reggae’s roots, the festival is set to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Ticket Information and Event Details

Tickets for the Royal Roots Reggae Festival are now available for purchase online and at select outlets. The festival will kick off at 7:00 PM on 8th dec , promising a night filled with pulsating beats and positive vibrations. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this reggae extravaganza—get your tickets and join Omusawo Tintah  for a night to remember!

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Halle Bailey Addresses Pregnancy Rumors And Expresses Gratitude To Real Supporters – The Hoima Post –

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halle-bailey-addresses-pregnancy-rumors-and-expresses-gratitude-to-real-supporters-–-the-hoima-post-– lowethird lowethird

Variety’s annual “Actors On Actors” feature, released earlier this week, presented insightful conversations between various actors discussing their craft and the year’s experiences. Among the notable interviews was the one featuring Margot Robbie and Cilian Murphy, who played lead roles in this summer’s box office clash between “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.”

However, another conversation that garnered attention was between Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler. Bailey shared their cover photo on her Instagram story, expressing admiration for Zegler. Following this, Bailey conveyed heartfelt gratitude to what she considers her genuine supporters, addressing the challenges of being under public scrutiny.

In her statement, Bailey acknowledged the difficulties of being scrutinized and emphasized her appreciation for those who show unconditional love and respect for women’s bodies. The message seemed to be a response to the pregnancy rumors surrounding her, a topic that has generated considerable speculation and commentary on social media.

The pregnancy rumors began when Bailey’s boyfriend shared a video on Snapchat last month. Fans analyzed the footage and speculated about a brief moment where Bailey might appear pregnant. Despite the online discussions, Bailey has largely remained silent on the matter, addressing it indirectly in her recent statement.

The Instagram post’s comments section highlighted the type of remarks that Bailey finds bothersome, with users speculating about her pregnancy and expressing curiosity. Bailey’s message serves as a clear response to these speculations, conveying her gratitude for the real supporters who demonstrate unconditional love.

As the discussion continues, the public awaits further updates on Halle Bailey’s perspective and the ongoing rumors. Share your thoughts on her message and the pregnancy speculation in the comments below.

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