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A Ugandan widow left six years ago narrates how three sons are now being supported in the USA – The East Observer


The ghastly accident that occurred six years ago along Lunga Lunga road left me exposed, since becoming a widow. This loss in my life left me helpless. I remained just a struggling woman with kids to send to school. At that time, my three sons were all still in high school: one in Form one, another in Form two, and the third in Form four. It was a difficult moment for me, and life was unbearable.

I used all the money left by my husband to educate my kids, and all of it ran out, marking a turn for the worse. Alone in my home, I cried with my kids now unable to attend college. They looked at me, unable to say a word.

Then, my caring 77-year-old mother called me home with my sons and showed me another way to change our lives. She pulled out an old piece of paper with a contact number, urging me to use it to change my fate.

The number belonged to a traditional doctor named Mugwenu Doctors, who she said could help me stabilize again. I was very interested and called the doctor for help, explaining that I wanted my sons to go to college and get good jobs.

Just a week after returning home, believe it or not, my eldest son landed a scholarship to study abroad for higher education. He joined Harvard University and is now a top lawyer in the USA, helping others who have also been sent abroad for studies. My life has completely changed. Thank you, Mugwenu.

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A Ugandan widow left six years ago narrates how three sons are now being supported in the USA

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