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Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Breaks Streaming Records Across Platforms


Before unleashing Cowboy Carter Beyonce teased that her new album would be a diverse exploration of genres and she certainly delivered across the 27 Track LP the Houston native traverses various musical styles from Bluegrass to Jersey Club pop rock hip hop and even throwing in some operatic runs to Showcase her vocal

Prowess since announcing that the second act of her Renaissance Trilogy would pay homage to her Southern Roots anticipation has been high and cowboy Carter has wasted no time in making its mark on streaming platforms shattering records along the way according to billboard Beyonce’s 8th studio album has become spotify’s most streamed album in

A single day so far this year as of Friday March 29th one of its lead singles Texas holdam had already amassed over 200 million streams before the album’s official release Amazon music is also celebrating Beyonce’s success noting that cowboy Carter achieved the biggest debut to date earning more first day streams

Globally than any of her previous albums additionally it marks the most first day streams for a country album by a female artist in Amazon music’s history as fans worldwide continue to delve into the album’s second act Beyonce has been serving up Western inspired fashion inspiration on her Instagram feed her recent W magazine

Cover shoot showcases captivating textures like Ruffles and leather hinting at the visual aesthetic accompanying her music while there are no official visuals yet for the Renaissance albums anticipation is building for what Beyonce has in store including the rumored Rock Centric third act for those hesitant to dive into

Cowboy Carter but curious about the hype sweet honey bucken offers an infectious Taste of Beyonce’s femc Side featuring Fel Williams and shuzi fans are already speculating about potential remixes with hopes of a collaboration with Megan the stallion experience the new track at the provided link and stay tuned for more updates on

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