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Chrisean Rock 92 Q Winter Fest Set Goes Hard, She Comments On Mic Cutting Incident


Krisan Rock went hard during her set at the 92Q Winter Fest Rock was seen Bouncing Around the Christmas themed stage as she performed her biggest hits check out the full video below however not everyone was a fan do y’all really get in the car and say turn

That new cision on genuine question one person teased this new generation is the mentally challenged slow one this video confirms it y’all really making her a rap artist face with tears of joy another added meanwhile rock also commented on her mic getting cut at a recent concert her comments appeared to

Imply that rock was looking to leave music in the near future the politics are too complicated she said cryptically of the music industry however it remains to be seen if she will actually step away from music because of this recent incident Nell Chapa says he’s scared of crisan

Rock however speaking of rocks ties to the music industry She was recently involved in a French beef with Nell choa choa denied that his recent bar about Rock’s tooth was a diss was not dissing krisan Chopper wrote on Instagram over a video of the bar in question at cine you

Know I’m scared of you unamused face face with tears of joy choa added as a caption to the post however it remains to be seen what the purpose of the lyric if not to dis Rock for her famously absent tooth choppa’s response came after Rock went after him hours after the song dropped

This is so Random PPL we’ll just mention me saying anything Rock wrote on social media alongside a cry laughing emoji however Rock’s blé response actually got a fair amount of hate people argued that she is never one to steer away from free exposure some fans went as far as to

Suggest that choa put her on the remix CIS and rock addresses Mike cut do you think Rock will quit music let us know in the comments

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