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Coalition of African Civil Society Calls for Cease to Crackdown on Kenyan Protesters – The East Observer



A coalition of Africans Rising and 400 civil society organizations and movements from across Africa and the diaspora have jointly addressed President William Ruto of Kenya, urging an end to the crackdown on protesters.

The letter and its widespread support underscore the solidarity of African communities in support of the Kenyan people’s struggle against misgovernance, corruption, and economic hardships.

Specifically, the letter demands the following from the Ruto administration:

Cease the use of lethal force against protesters.

Halt the abduction of protesters, ensuring the safe return of all those taken, and hold accountable those responsible for these actions.

Uphold the human and constitutional rights of protesters.

Immediately and unconditionally release all individuals arrested for participating in protests.

Address grievances related to over-taxation, corruption, and misgovernance through dialogue rather than violence.

The letter also expressed concerns that despite a reduction in protests, participants still feel unsafe. It highlights previous instances where Kenyan security forces targeted protest organizers, intimidating, abducting, and violating their rights. The coalition warns of continued monitoring and advocacy against any further abuses post-protests.

In closing, the letter emphasizes a spirit of Ubuntu, emphasizing that the challenges faced by Kenyan citizens resonate with all Africans across the continent.

Coalition of African Civil Society Calls for Cease to Crackdown on Kenyan Protesters

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