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David Lutalo Avudemu Omwasiiii


Breakr yeah by Bo African Onario yeah we love you so Much Industry For For Afrian [Laughter] for Mus Federation Foundation found Foundation University East Advance International Advance International B for for PR For M found for T To C Culture Center of b a r mus IND govern with all m govern for for asso okay um then Any station I think I think station Noel St For love for and is the mother of music you know M or Music drink for the cers countries for yes un Sunday Uganda activities Uganda what is the problem for okay oh acidic vocal For reason Fe For Fe for you know why Ch de for for For Frustrated what is the Problem what is the problem sh the in the So the the boy was depressed boy Was All from for for For [Laughter] for 8 WhatApp group it is official band management production crew Pleas for buug for for for For B first perspective they really to make some good money for for the business section perspective I think we can before we cry out for the for the for the for the BS up let’s fight for the insects down you really def you feel like like the sounds the the stigmas the language

The is a culture which really needs a lot of time of investment to learn and understand what exactly you’re doing it’s like the these other so I think for the business perspective these people right to bring people who can give them the money they need because we are all looking at making

Money and if we are got to if we go to these other artist of Uganda I think the first thing we should do all life But it is doing wonders is not opinion no is just vendor I call him a vendor okay capacity M look at I think he just the only person I can but they play Jamaica yes they play in Jamaica it’s not about the business the problem is not on the

Problem is inclusion of the people doing the general yes these people have to strategize themselves and they put themselves in the faces of those people who need them you can’t search for what you don’t know I think it’s a high time we remove the silver plates and the spoons to feed the

Babies and we fight battles as battles before we look at the events let’s look at how how we can make the product reach the consumers m 2007 how many years are there started toer it is time for artist to strike Med to strike media to strike promoters to strike but not striking

Business let them first work on their Roots back then this is not the first people talk we give we give production more time and we sleep on the promotion side right it’s high up [Laughter] Med this is bus wh original music reg music is the mother of music in the whole world 1960 that’s my number one of the when we talk about that music this is a number of years way back reg music is Considered we can’t we can’t Explain in Africa the king of music we have not we have Not8 AR [Laughter] People For This Rec No [Laughter] so one of the Legends in The M Two songs is the mother of mus brother Pres For It is themselves not not themselves it is all about the media presenters it’s all about the Med thank you so it MK Publishers Moses radio Foundation r yes for yeah for PR for IND for Poli the GTO products with the talent products very good point there is a very B To this setting of life they are notun M Pro me For than thank you so much Mus for um [Laughter] for for Yes For for for for ugandauganda ugand For So for m I ATT for For Max Africa for mus For For so [Laughter] for of Sur and that’s they survive that is the way they survive that’s the survival This for it need that’s For for for for just because of yes For opport For For for For m For People do you think it’s just a wake up of of one person to come out comparisons let me get a Basist different from any other music my RO my Festival sometimes it’s even applicable you just apply most For Ra as a ra as A Uh Mus t For for AF For make yes sir Okay Al For opport Govern [Laughter] govern m Govern UGA So So CRI for the m Govern For For afri for Platform For [Laughter] for For For Comm for you you CL account Fure UGA Uganda UGA Let me Tell For sir SC Disorganized so Poli For Yes hello n Rogers h Found For you for For For spe T aiaia yeah one together m me Metro. A African decent onario S as it Was M for 999 1 94 0 754 099 mean For No for


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  1. @dennis4607 says

    m7 atufuze emyaka 40 abavubuka mulowoza david lutalo kyekizibu —– nze ndaba MK naye ajatufuga nga mukyali ku david lutalo —– katubasabire

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