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Eminem AI ‘Cat Rap’ Creator Hit With Video Copyright Strike


Foreign AI Cat rap Creator hit with copyright strike over popular YouTube video Eminem AI Cat rap Creator Grande has been smacked with a copyright strike against his popular YouTube video which has now been taken down taking to Twitter on Sunday April 2nd The Maltese YouTuber posted a letter from the video streaming

Platform confirming the copyright strike filed by Universal music publishing Group umpg which signed Eminem to a worldwide exclusive Administration agreement back in 2007 Universal Music Group just decided to copyright strike my AI Eminem Cat rap video he tweeted alongside a screenshot of the strike message usually they just claim and monetize

Videos like this but they really wanted AI Eminem to be taken down for some reason the copyright strike against Grande’s Channel may also subject him to account termination in the future to prevent that from happening please don’t upload videos containing copyrighted content that you aren’t allowed to use YouTube relayed to him in

Its message the AI Slim Shady’s Cat rap video has generated a lot of commentary since its debut so much so that it was even featured on a February episode of the popular HBO talk show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Oliver who included the video in his larger segment about artificial intelligence explained

That the video was created by giving chat GPT The Prompt write an Eminem song about cats Oliver called the resultant video stellar catwrap also has a lot of fans on Twitter with many becoming near instant fans of the song since hearing it on Oliver’s Show okay the AI Eminem cat song from Last

Week Tonight is kind of a banger wrote one fan another added it’s beautiful chat GPT was asked to write Eminem style lyrics about how he loves cats the m m Cat rap controversy is just the latest AI hubbub in hip hop while some AI treatments like the AI Recreation of Will Smith’s Infamous

Oscar slap of Chris Rock have been garnering a more positive response other artificially created treatments have been facing some pushback on March 31st an AI generated Jay-Z verse that has gone viral sparked concern from Young Guru ninth wonder and DJ Clark Kent with Guru calling for the government to intervene

Hov’s esteemed engineer shared the digitally generated vocals on his Instagram page on Friday March 31st which sound almost indistinguishable to The Roc Nation mobile that was enough for Guru to sound the alarm bells for where AI is heading I’ve been trying to tell everyone that this is where we are now with AI

For some reason this one got everyone’s attention so what do we do on one hand I’m well aware that you can’t stop technology once the genie is out of the box you can put him back in Guru wrote on his Instagram page Oh Foreign

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