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Ensisinkano 2024: Key highlights from the Kingdom Media viewers and listners conventions.


Leave alone the Bishop David Kiganda’s new dancing strokes which he exhibited on the Ensisinkano muzzanŋanda, yesterday thousands attended the Kingdom Media listeners Convention at Christianity Focus Center Mengo Kisenyi.

This event is organized annually by Kingdom Media (KTV and Kingdom FM) aimed at meeting their fans.

Different Gospel artists graced the event on the stage which was organized by gospel evolution. It was a day on which presenters on the above mentioned stations got a chance of meeting the people to which they do the work for.

On the same event, Kingdom Media through its general manager Evah Ssewali announced the end of tenure for Kingdom ambassadors as they’re now welcoming all those who wants to be part of the ambassadors to apply for the chairmanship post.
Omulangira wa Kingdom Media
Bishop Kiganda as he explains the meaning of Kingdom Media prince to the audience and the benefits
It was an hour full of tension, excitement and humor as Nakataayi together with Nyanzi Live emceed the activity of bidding for the Kingdom Media prince.

Among the participants, were the incumbents (Hormisdallen Schools), Pursuers Network, Eagle Fly Center, Trust paints and Muyenga Highschool.

The highest bidder for the prince was Hormisdallen who bought the title for the prince with 50 million Uganda shillings, as Pursuers Network was crowned the princess with their bid of 35 millions. The two are going to advertise on Kingdom FM and KTV for one year with an advertising packages of over 2.5 billions for free.
The fans of Kingdom Media also didn’t go home empty handled as some were given Azam dish 📡, children were given Sums products, Kingdom Media T-shirts together with Scity Paints products.
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Ensisinkano 2024: Key highlights from the Kingdom Media viewers and listners conventions.

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