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The Territorial Police in Busoga North Region and Kamuli CPS, are searching for the Headteacher of Butegere Primary School located in Butansi Sub-county, in Kamuli district, a one Nambi Kezekiya, after her failure to prevent the torture by caning/thrashing of 3 school children, who were being punished seriously, infront of her. Her actions tantamount to gross negligence and abetting crime, despite efforts from one of the teachers who tried to stop the Askari. The viral footage led to public outrage and concern, from parents, local residents, child activists and other educationists.Although the children, were found to have stolen firewood, there were other non-corporal forms of punishment, that could have been adopted. The matter had been resolved amicably, after the mother of the victims, Nairuba Eseza was fined Ugx 100,000/=. She paid 30,000/= leaving a balance of Ugx 70,000, that was to be paid, on the 21.06.2024.Surprisingly, on the 20.06.2024, the Askari who doubles as an Uncle to the victims, picked and took them to school, and seriously thrashed them, in the presence of the Headteacher, Nambi Kezekiya, as punishment for the alleged school firewood. The Askari, Kitungula David was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court on 3 counts of torture. The 3 girl victims namely, Naigaga Anitah, aged 12, Nangobi Whitney, aged 10 and Nangobi Benitah, aged 13, who are all pupils, are undergoing counseling and medical treatment, by the Child and Family Protection Unit.All teachers are aware that corporal punishment was abolished. Article 106(a) or the Children’s Act as amended 2016, prohibits Corporal Punishment in schools. It is an offence that is punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or a fine not exceeding 120 currency points (Ugx 2.4m), or both. A currency point in Uganda is Ugx 20,000=The continuous use of harsh punishment, violence and abuse like bullying, physical and psychological abuse, including corporal punishment and other form of cruel or humiliating treatment, have a devastating impact of not only disrupting children’s education but also diminishes their chances of succeeding in school.   SCP Enanga FredPolice Spokesperson24th June 2024

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