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I met my good-luck at the point I was almost leaving to Saudia – The East Observer


Looking for a job became a years-long endeavor for me, prompting a decision to travel to Kampala, where my sister resides and works. My name is Gracey, aged 25, originally from Mtito Andei. After completing college, I earnestly began seeking opportunities to occupy my time and support myself.

From 2017 to 2021, despite being in Kampala, I struggled to secure any job, not even as a house help. Life became exceedingly difficult, leading my mother to eventually summon me back home to Mtito Andei. I returned and settled into village life alongside her.

Later that year, the idea of traveling to Saudi Arabia crossed my mind, and I decided to pursue it. Through a connection, I contacted a local agent who assured me of potential employment in the Gulf country—a promising prospect for a young woman facing financial challenges like myself.

Excited by the opportunity, I shared my plans with my mother, but she was deeply saddened by the thought of me leaving. Despite her reservations, I remained determined to try my luck abroad. The next morning, moved by her concern, my mother took me to a traditional healer who performed rituals to invoke good luck and prosperity in my job search.

Remarkably, shortly after that visit, I received a call inviting me to Mombasa for a job interview with a major logistics company. I attended the interview, and today, I proudly serve as their Human Resource (HR) Manager, earning a monthly salary of sh 145,000. My ambitions to relocate to Saudi Arabia were abruptly shelved, but I am content and grateful for the unexpected turn of events.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my mother for her unwavering support and for introducing me to the powerful traditional healer and spellcaster, Dr. Mugwenu. She believes his intervention played a pivotal role in my career breakthrough.

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I met my good-luck at the point I was almost leaving to Saudia

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