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Kanye West Celebrates Bianca Censori’s Birthday with Heartfelt Message and Fashion Flashbacks


Happy birthday to Bianca sorri whose husband Kanye West recently posted a sweet message in her honor happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad iconic Muse he wrote alongside a picture of her on Saturday January 6th inspirational talented artist master’s degree in architecture 140 IQ loving by

My side every day when half the world turned their backs on me and the most amazing stepmom to our children I love you so much thank you for sharing your life with me not only that but the Chicago Rapper pretty much flooded his feed with new posts of some of the Yeezy

Architects most viral talked about and scandalous outfits across their time together for example one of these is when she simply wore a pillow and a nude colored body suit on a Runway another is Bianca sensor’s fur hat combo with a deepline dress and another post features her nude colored Ensemble with no pillow

In sight of course plenty of Kanye West’s fans flooded his comment section on these photos with demands for a new album particularly his TI doala sign collab project vultures we also heard reports throughout 2023 that he’s working on a solo LP so we’ll see if any of these possibilities

Manifest Kanye West highlights his wife’s fashion choices throughout the year but if you’re a fan of the 46-year-old did you really expect anything more than a turbulent and unclear record roll out he’s practically lived off them for a big chunk of his career and even even if the albums don’t

Come out they still etch themselves into the Contemporary hip-hop history books regardless Kanye West will probably continue to host more events and provoke more hype through moments like his volatile Miami listening party Antics apparently if presumed reports from close sources are actually true he’s going to have a hard time finding

Another hotel in the city if he wants to return meanwhile we’ll see if the couple keeps up their no pants promise for 2024 or if that was just a joke it probably is but considering this recent barrage of fit picks from their controversial fashion history together we wouldn’t be

Surprised by anything at this point it’s shaping up to be another turbulent year for the two and hopefully that’s because of their business and not their worrisome Behavior

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