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Manchester United vs Leeds United Preview Probable Lineups, Prediction, Tactics, Team News & Key Sta


Hello guys uh welcome to my channel and uh my name is tinta hopefully you’re very very very okay please subscribe to this channel as fast as you can because um I’m gonna be giving you the latest when it comes to the World of Sports and um Manchester United is playing Leeds

United today uh today this is the probable lineup prediction team news and uh some of the key stats you should think of uh one of the most um faced fixtures in the Premier League calendar I will take place on As Old Trafford this Wednesday night as Manchester United will welcome beta

Rivals Elites who are without manager Jesse who was sacked Manchester United will be aiming to make it 14 home wins across all competitions when the host leads United for Wednesday Premier League encounter both sides are fighting for points at opposite ends of the table which makes this an interesting tie Eric

10 Hagen Revolution is gathering ahead of the Steam and the early season defeats at the hand of Bradford and Brighton now seem like a thing of the past as they all traveled gentleman is well and truly own the role after advancing to The efl Cup finals this midweek the radio was returned to

Winning ways in the Premier League last Saturday with a 2-1 victory over to Paris despite playing the final 20 minutes with 10 min 10 men on the field after casemiro was sent off for losing his head and attempting to struggle hold William hugs that combined with favorable results elsewhere meaning um

In stake contrast the videos visitors have endured and overall this disappointing campaign and are currently just outside the relegation Zone they suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat in the relegation six point against Nottingham Forest last weekend and may feel hard done to Come Away with nothing but that has been frustrating aspect of the

Season so far failing to convert a prime squatting chances and shutting back the door table run for losers has led to the sacking of American manager uh Jesse in just under a year after his appointment which comes as a surprise given the backing he received from the board back in January

However considering matches Apprentice struggle to take the team to the next stage is becoming an established Premier League outfit it seems the correct decision has been made for many for the funds and um when we go to the team team news Manchester United boss Eric 10

Hagen will have to make a do without the service of suspended casemiro for the Wednesday Premier League home clash with Leeds Adam Trafford Christian Erikson has already been ruled out until late Apple a ruling to Uncle injury scored a Max terminal has missed the last three games due to unknown

Issues well done Vandenberg is another and sidelined with a long-term injury as such ban Lonnie Markel sabiza who will who joined the club on Deadline day could be a calculated straight in the starting lineup alongside Brazilian midfielder afraid following casimir’s band the Australian enforcer showed flashes of his buoyancy against

Palaceless last time out and they will be hoping to make a big impact this weekend David de Gea is a Mainstay in between the sticks with the radio was lining up up four two three one formation in front of him around one bisect has been excellent in the right

Back role so it uh it is logical to use him while uh Diego Dalo trick has from the injury Luke show is guaranteed to start at the left back while Raphael varani continues to partner with Lisandro Martinez at the center of United’s back four so expect uh four two three one uh

Probable lineup the gear download varani Martinez show uh somebody’s Fred ganacho Freddie uh Fernandez rashford and what goes so when go when we go to the Leeds United Team um that manager was sucked on Monday bringing an end to a turbulent spell with leads lagging just above the

Relegation Zone in the Premier League right now it’s a huge shame that the appointment did work out and American dream has come to a premature end leads have a year to appoint a successor with Carlos barini and adonio arami in the frame however much as assistant Chris Ms

Is part of the three-man ticket coaching team taking over of the mid a week class therefore they are likely to be a radical tactical and personal track in the starting lineup we expecting uh this is the probable lineup of um of leads yes this is the lineup of leads

And this is what we should expect from them are four two three one lineup muscle align coach Cooper Uber Adams McCain uh sinstra are also uh gaunted rata so that is what we should expect some of the key stats will we are looking at is Manchester United have won

Five of their last six matches against uh leads in the last competition scarring at least four goals in each of their last three home games in the whites uh Lisa failed to win their last seven Premier League matches in the build up to Jesse imagine sacking Manchester on a four game

Winning streak across all competitions Manchester United have shipped only five of their last seven games Marcus rashford designated living game since returning from the World Cup so expect um my prediction expect a 3-1 3 to Manchester United one to lead Manchester United leads will meet twice

In the Premier League in the next five days with the first meeting at Old Trafford on Wednesday uh so expect a tense Affair having managed just to wins in the last 17 Premier League outings it is a little surprise Leeds pulled the trigger but luckily uh to bring a spirit

Up the radio was currently lights a year with leads in terms of consistency a bit and uh Eric Tanger Hagen has lost once at home so I predict a three one uh defeat to our leads my name is tinta please subscribe to this channel as early as you can go to www.zavia Xavier

Radio ug for the latest information when it comes to uh you know news thank you

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