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Old Mutual touts its new self-service portal to drive insurance uptake


Old Mutual Life Assurance has said its newly launched self-service portal will help drive insurance uptake in the country.Addressing journalists on Monday, said Richard Gatete Mugarura, the Head of Customer Experience at Old Mutual Life Assurance said in a country where insurance uptake is at 2%, such digital solutions can help drive this up.“The digitization of services like our new self-service portal will lead to improved uptake and growth of the industry. Currently, insurance penetration in our region is low, around 2%, compared to other markets. This is due to a lack of trust, which is the biggest factor. Building trust is essential, and we can achieve this through transparency and accountability. By providing access to information, options for premium payments, and timely communication, we can build trust with our customers. As customers trust us more, they will be keen on paying premiums on time, communicating with us, and referring their family and friends,” Mugarura said.“Despite these challenges, we believe that digitalization can bridge the gaps. With digital technologies like this portal, we can provide customers with information and options to manage their policies effectively. We can also address the communication gap by providing timely and relevant information to our customers.”He said the new self-service portal by Old Mutual Life Assurance gives clients power in their hands about their insurance policy.“We believe in giving the customer very many options regarding payment of their premiums, given that the customer would want to pay through the bank, through mobile money, and through our different partners. So, we developed this client portal to give our customer this power to be transparent to our customer and this is in line with our core values of accountability and transparency,” Mugarura said.“While we give and equip the customer with information they need at their fingertips, the customer is out at the beach, over the weekend, at the farm, at their workplace, they don’t have to raise anyone, they don’t have to raise a finger. They can access all that information by just logging on to their portal and navigating and browsing away.”According to the  Head of Customer Experience at Old Mutual Life Assurance technology helps drive convenience, flexibility, transparency, and accountability, noting that this is what the self- service portal brings.“Customers can access their information and perform tasks at their own pace, without relying on intermediaries. We aim to enhance this channel further, allowing customers to raise claims and access policy maturity benefits seamlessly. Our customers’ happiness is our top priority. We strive to provide a user-friendly experience, empowering them to manage their affairs and personal information effortlessly.”

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