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Paidah Town Council Introduces Garbage Collection Fees to Improve Waste Management


Authorities in Paidah Town Council, Zombo District, have introduced garbage collection fees to address poor waste management. The new fee, part of the local revenue enhancement plan for the 2024/2025 financial year, will require residents to pay 2,000 shillings per month for waste collection services.

Anjero Onim Akabway, the Secretary of Finance, Planning, and Administration, explained that the primary objective of the garbage collection levy is to tackle the issue of poor garbage disposal, which has led to significant accumulations of waste in various parts of the town.

Onim also noted that they are currently mapping garbage collection routes to ensure household waste is efficiently collected under the new initiative.

Since its establishment in July 1994, Paidah Town Council has struggled with waste management, particularly around Paidah Main Market. Local authorities attribute these challenges to rapid population growth and improper waste disposal practices.

Innocent Onega Godfrey, the LC III Chairperson of Paidah Town Council, believes this new initiative will help achieve a garbage-free town. Onega also urged residents to adopt proactive measures and a positive mindset regarding waste disposal.

However, Jerry Adebo, a resident of Paidah Town Council, suggested that authorities should first sensitize residents about the new initiative to help them appreciate its importance.

Paidah Town Council is one of the fastest-growing business hubs in the West Nile region, with an estimated population of over 37,500 people, according to statistical data from Zombo District.


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Paidah Town Council Introduces Garbage Collection Fees to Improve Waste Management

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