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The UPF is concerned about the misuse of police appeals that are circulated online or other digital platforms, with claims that the  photograph therein is of a wanted person, whereas not. For instance, we would like the public to disregard, a FAKE, wanted Poster of Kigoye Yasin, a former Senior Land Management Officer, Kiryandongo District, that was maliciously posted on several digital platforms, to purposely tarnish the image of the person. The culprits or fraudulent authors, claim he is wanted by police at Kiryandongo Police Station under a falsified reference of CID Headquarters Kibuli GEF 224/2021 and the CRB E107/2024, which are different. In addition, the contact number, 0772-765599 is for an individual and not for a police station or investigating task team.The wanted poster is FAKE and has no source or authority. All WANTED persons by police are authorized by the IGP. We are now appealing to the public to guard against appeal frauds. All police appeals have a police Logo. The matter above of cyber harassment, forgery and related utterances is being investigated at Lugala CPS and Kiryandongo CPS.We would also like to warn money lending institutions, that use copies of our previous police appeals, and fraudulently insert photographs of their loan defaulters. This act is not genuine and not authorized by the police.  We therefore, appeal to anyone who has come across any false witness appeal, from a money lending institution, to report the matter, to the nearest police station.We are also concerned about the increased use of falsified claims of LGBTQ harassment, in the applications and acquisition of VISAs to foreign countries. We strongly advise VISA applicants to be open and honest in their applications, because of the wider ramifications of using deception and or false documents. Wherever a fraud or forgery is uncovered, the VISA application maybe rejected, refused and the applicant banned from travel to that foreign country, for several years.As the UPF, we will not tolerate the abuse of police records or other records. We are investigating the alleged forgery and the organized criminal group behind the production and distribution of falsified or forged documents to legalize travel abroad or the stay of non-documented citizens, in foreign countries.SCP Enanga FredPolice Spokesperson24th June 2024

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