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Property mogul Mutaasa Kafeero sues businessman over botched car importation deal


Kampala businessman, Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero has dragged car importer Yassah Matovu Sseguya to court for failure to refund shs300 million following a botched car importation deal.Court documents show that Mutaasa and Sseguya signed an agreement into which the latter was to sell a 2023 model Range Rover at a tune of shs900 million which was to be paid in installments.The property mogul proceeded to pay shs300 million in initial deposit with the balance of shs600 million to be paid in 12 installments of shs50 million each.However, having been given the vehicle and had paid the first installment, Hajji Mutaasa realized the vehicle was a 2022 model, contrary to what was agreed upon and consequently rejected it.Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero, through his lawyers of Muwema and Company Advocates and Solicitors says that  after rejecting the vehicle, he requested for a refund of all the money already paid to the importer but only shs50 million was refunded.“The defendant/ respondent( Yassah Matovu Sseguya) claims the shs300 million is a non-refundable deposit that he must retain,” Hajji Mutaasa says in his affidavit before the Commercial Court.“According  to information received from my lawyers, M/s Muwema & Co. Advocates, which information I verily believe to be true, the parties entered into a sale by description agreement which the defendant/respondent breached and is therefore not entitled to keep the deposit.”In the case, the property mogul wants court to determine whether the Range Rover, UBQ 436E supplied to him by Yassah Matovu Sseguya corresponds with the description in the agreement.He also wants court to determine whether or not,  he is entitled to a refund of the shs300million initial deposit.Court is set to rule on the matter on July, 10.

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