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21 Savage Unveils Biopic American Dream and Surprise Album Release


New pieces of 21 Savage news have been coming one after another recently it started overnight when the rapper confirmed the impending release of a biopic called American Dream the 21 Savage story alongside the announcement he also confirmed that Donald Glover and stranger things album Chase McLaughlin

Were involved in the project just a few hours later he shared a trailer for The biopic which made some pretty substantial Revelations of its own the trailer revealed that both both actors and Savage himself would be portraying the rapper across various points in his life the trailer shows moments from the

Film touching on how 21 Savage first chose his iconic rap name and his notorious 2019 arrest by IC it also showed off the musical elements of the film with much of the trailer serving as a pseudo music video Savage even wraps along to a new song from an interrogation room as part of

The video how much of the new film is musical is yet to be seen 21 Savage’s new film and album but for fans the biggest reveal of all might have been hidden in the description of the trailer it included a link to pre-save an entirely new album of Music

Based on the film subsequently fans discovered that the project will arrive sooner than anticipated according to NFR podcast the album is expected to be called American dream and is due out for release later this week on January 12th it’s unclear if that’s also when the film will

Release or if it will be made available at a later date 21 Savage’s last studio album I am I was dropped all the way back in 2018 since then he’s dropped two collaborative albums though he teamed up with Metro boomman in 2020 for a sequel to their 2016 album Savage mode then in

2022 he and Drake linked up for a full collaborative project called her loss what do you think of 21 Savage releasing a new biopic and accompanying Al later this week let us know in the comment section below

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