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Tupac’s father has shared his reaction to being labeled a coward on The Late rap Legend song Dear Mama admitting he was initially upset at the line Billy Garland the biological father of Tupac Shakur was asked about the disparaging line in an interview with the art of dialogue

No love for my daddy because the coward wasn’t their slash he passed away and I didn’t cry slash cause my anger wouldn’t let me feel for a stranger pack wrapped on the heartfelt track taken from his 1995 album me against the world Garland revealed he didn’t appreciate

The did to begin with but after hearing the line about him supposedly passing away he realized that Tupac must have been fed lies about him a suspicion he claims turned out to be true since his initial dismay at Dear Mama however Garland said he has fallen in

Love with the song much like the rest of his son’s catalog at first I was upset because I’m trying to see you he said but then it hit me one I ain’t dead and so you really didn’t know cause if you would have known me then you would have known that

I wasn’t dead so I knew there that someone had lied to him from that point and so later on when I found the hat that someone did lie to him that song made perfectly good sense I understood it totally when I hear it now I laugh I

Still love the record I love it I do I think it’s beautiful I love all his music though I listen to his music daily every freaking day and I like it Garland shed more light on his somewhat strained relationship with Tupac recalling a conversation he had with his

Son about him never being able to fully relax like a regular person due to his Fame I look in the videos and where he goes and I see him with the autographs and I said that’s a different world he said he could never be an individual that could

Relax in society like he said he wanted to he said Pops I want to go home and watch TV but I know I can’t he would tell me these things Garland also placed blame for his son’s 1996 murder on Suge Knight and Death Row Records saying it’s a whirlwind and you

Can get caught up in it and he did he said he was gonna stop it but he got with the wrong people on the wrong Coast to stop it elsewhere in his sit down with the art of dialogue Tupac’s father criticized Hulu’s Dear Mama The Saga of a feni and

Tupac Shakur doku series claiming director Alan Hughes misled him when he was interviewed for the project Alan Hughes asked me to do an interview he didn’t tell me it was about Dear Mama he didn’t tell me too much of anything except that it was about Tupac he said

We did an interview for about two hours after I saw the interview in the documentary I was slightly disappointed let’s just say that I didn’t like it I thought it was more about something else than about Tupac if you know what I’m saying if I knew it

Was about Dear Mama I might have still done it but I probably wouldn’t have Garland also said he resented the docu-series implication that Tupac was bipolar and admitted being asked that question by viewers broke my heart here was a kid that came up with nothing he had absolutely nothing he had some

Success he had that success taken away from him when he went to jail on flimsy false charges to be shot once five times by black people to be shot again four times later on in Vegas by we’re not too sure but we believe black people were involved

Bipolar doesn’t fit how can you be bipolar when people do things to you that make your changes the way that you believe in them he asked he believed in black people he loved black people he would do anything for black people and then to have that betrayal to have people talk about him

Call him a rapist it hurt him so he would flare up he would have his mood changes but who wouldn’t imagine any human being going through those degrees of emotion I think you would get different degrees of reactions

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