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Allen Hughes Applauds 2Pac as a Trailblazer for Female Centric Songs in Rap


Alan Hughes has praised a pack as a pioneer of female Centric songs from male artists in the RAP Community Brenda’s Got a Baby came out when he was 20 he wrote it when he was 18 to this day point me to one male rapper who ever consistantly wrote female Centric songs

When you look at Brenda’s Got a Baby what makes it unique is its one long verse it’s storytelling at its finest he’s singular in that he’s got like 8 to 10 songs that embody a female perspective experience disposition heart or mind and that’s the thing he had if

You knew him behind closed doors you’d see other sides of him that were almost deir and soft and they’re always very sweet he was really in touch with his feminine side Hughes told his Daily Double last month furthermore Hughes said never pack never lost that edge even when we start talking about toxic

Masculinity and maybe the Trap he may have fell into lat he wasn’t afraid to cry he wasn’t afraid to be sensitive or write poetry and by the way he was always reading he always had a book in his hand to Hip Hop at the time that was like Kryptonite cut who

Reads Hughes added Alan Hughes calls to pack delusional but a true artist meanwhile in August 2023 Hughes called delusional but a true artist the thing that I discovered on Dear Mama was he truly is an artist he’s a poet he don’t see the world the way

Normal people see the world he don’t see danger the way normal people see danger he began I got in trouble with the Shocker family when I said this but pure artists are delusional yeah that’s part of what makes them great artists they’re delusional they’re sharing their delusions with us but they don’t think

They’re delusions it’s real to them so they don’t see the reality of things they see the dream of it all they’re living in a dream that’s part of what made him so special Tupac was subjecting us to his fantasies but they weren’t fantasies to him he continued

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