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Alvin Kizz Rubbish’s Sheebah Feminisms With A Song , ITS A SCAM


Okay all right all right all right YouTube channel um There are very many things that are happening in our world there are very many things that are happening in our society yet do you get a cop what we’re going to talk about today is there are very many things that are happening in our world yet through those Um you know yet uh something is happening in our world and the agenda is being pushed about we first of all women in manicipation feminism Navy cigarette day agenda it is very very very strong I think is backed by one of the world’s leaders and um I think vice president

Or whatever you see you know it was great news policy speaker it was good news it is Buzz all over but at the end of the day because A lot of stress a lot of yeah You know what I mean a creative person that is fighting for the men’s right I think it is foreign yo yo yo yo yo yo right but Alvin Keys Uganda blessings Society every day anyway regardless of whatever happens in between the world in between now and what comes after and what was there

Before yeah um we need to protect you and that’s what we’re doing we need to provide for you to you know yes governor I’ll speak it or secondly yesterday it doesn’t make any sense also and it’s not nice where was it produced um everyday nobody thinks about the man nobody

Thinks about the boys nobody thinks the boys need to be packed food foreign Does that mean you have a surgery device because it is even um in the books he rose all over the world no no no no you know um right now what woman what the word emancipation means is equating import opportunity women have equal opportunity

As us I can do the same job as a woman can do what I can do a woman can do even better we are for that man I have a girl child I want my child to grow up and get equal opportunity but that does not cut out the fact that

When you’re in a marriage it runs on respect and agreement not on who should get what and what should be done you see me when you get a relationship yes it is it’s his right to provide it is it is his job to provide but where he fails sometimes

Help the man back him up and tell him man you know what you mean you know what I mean but they cheat because the man was not providing enough it is not fair because they’ve been to one so you can’t cheat on a man or the protest of Center um foreign Yes yes you know my message to all the men is take it easy again you have failed on something failing is human and when somebody says you are a loser because you failed what is wrong with you who was ever one without failing you are a loser for thinking about that then

Be patient you see me moving a little bit lenient understand your man and understand that even because um To change it is asked to change the world foreign

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  1. @mannraxor-offical6942 says

    Thanks for hosting my Artist Alvin kiz 🔥🔥🔥🔥bro thanks for fighting for us men

  2. @arnodi says

    Multi talented with no excuse Alvin kizz

  3. @nakandiannet305 says

    Am on his side 100% n say hi 2 rekodafeelingz

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