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Arteta is Very Furious At Arsenal Players


Analysis of Arsenal’s loss to Manchester City mccallatada Arsenal’s manager expressed disappointment in the team’s performance during their four to one loss to Manchester City at Etihad Aaron Holland also broke the record of scoring 38 goals previously held by all other Premier League players Tata admitted that in the first 30

Minutes Arsenal did not do the basic things required to compete against an exceptional team such as winning duels and understanding The Game’s requirements leading to their punishment with four goals against them in the second half Arsenal’s performance improved but it was not enough to win against Manchester City Arsenal’s recent

Record Arsenal has struggled in their previous four games without a win their longest winless streak they lost against Everton Drew with Everton and Brentford before losing again to Brentford however they had not gone more than two games without a win previously they have a win against Manchester

United but failed to secure a victory against Manchester City in the Premier League Arsenal’s failure to do Basics Tata emphasized that Arsenal failed to do the basic things required to win the game against Manchester City the teen did not compete or win duels and failed to understand what the game required of them

Tata expressed disappointment in the team’s inability to put their bodies on the line especially given the potential to gain points in the title race Arsenal needs to improve their performance and do the basics right if they want to win the league Arsenal vs Chelsea Arsenal needs to

Bring on their a game to beat Chelsea on Tuesday next week the Gunners are feeling the shame for their recent losses but they cannot afford to give up now Aaron Ramsdell expressed his disappointment but he also emphasized the importance of learning from their mistakes individually and collectively Liverpool vs Manchester City Liverpool

Has only managed to make Manchester City drop the trophy once in their last four encounters Manchester city is Unstoppable and has picked up their form at the best time with the season approaching its end a team that can collect itself and perform well in March April and make and

Win the title race possible Arsenal comeback Arsenal lost to Manchester City but they still have five games left to play they can win all remaining matches and collect 15 points to reach a total of 90 points however this will be challenging for the players since they have not been in this

Position for a long time what do you think about a Teta dropping pointers about the city laws in ramsdale feeling very disappointed after that four to one loss share your thoughts in the comments below

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