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B G Clarifies Lil Wayne Diss in Gangstafied Verse, Family Business, Not Beef


BG sent the hip-hop world into a flurry when he dissed Lil Wayne on his verse on finesse two times track gangst toied my n asterisk asterisk asterisk abzi went home and my dog was steady blowing he spits on the record Myan asterisk asterisk asterisk a Wheezy steady touring but he’s AB asterisk asterisk

Asterisk Ag and it’s showing I’m still a living legend don’t act like you didn’t know it given their history as members of the hot boys and the New Orleans natives recent release from prison one would think that there’s more camaraderie here than These Bars suggest but turns out that we and many

Others got the wrong impression as he came through on social media with a new video explaining the line you don’t really understand what the f asteris gastrus KB going on man BG expressed in the new clip of the presumed Lil Wayne disc you know what I’m saying I tell a

An asterisk asterisk asterisk I love him and call him a asterisk asterisk asteris es Gage all in the same sentence man you know what I’m saying you know man look this family business man you know what I’m saying shout out to my little brother Wheezy too man I talked to my

Little brother last night man you know what I’m saying yeah man shout out to Charlotte man still my little bro man love my little bro man you heard me you know what I’m saying s asterisk asterisk T be complicated sometimes man gizzle gone do what gizzle does man BG explains

Lil Wayne bars on gangsteri watch as such it looks like this relates to differ viewpoints on whether they should do a cash money or hot boy reunion tour that means that BG would still be showing love to Lil Wayne’s run of shows but calling him out for not getting that

Joint rekindling underway we know that Birdman and of course many fans are excited about the idea so maybe this was just a light tease that wasn’t meant to be anything personal at least they apparently talked things out after it dropped as communication between Rivals isn’t always a factor in supposed rap

Beef meanwhile their Journey intertwined in many ways and now they can finally band together like the good old days that’s why so many fans expressed disappointment when this looked like a legitimate conflict but they’re probably fine based on this response we’ll see if tuni has anything to add on that

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