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B G Hints at Hot Boys Reunion Despite Lil Wayne Diss in Recent Track


BG has been making the most of his freedom since getting out of prison in September hitting the studio with old collaborators dropping music and more he even recently teamed up with finesse two times for a new track gangsteri the song managed to get fans talking but the music wasn’t the only

Thing that caught their attention on the track BG calls Lil Wayne A B asteris TCH which raised some eyebrows due to their history my an asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk boozy went home and my dog was steady blowing SL Myan asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk Weezy steady touring but he’s be asterisk asterisk asterisk

Asterisk and it’s showing he Rhymes he later took to social media to clarify the line claiming that s asterisk asterisk tea be complicated sometimes according to him he still sees Lil Wayne as family despite what listeners may have assumed he also appears ready and eager for a hot boy reunion meaning that

He’d work along side Lil Wayne without hesitation BG says he’ll be the glue to Hot Boy reunion during a recent Instagram live BG teased the idea of a hot boy reunion claiming that he’d be the glue to the whole thing he also briefly mentioned his supposed Lil Wayne

Des according to him Wheezy might be upset with him over his gangst toied line but he still loves him be asteris TCH Hot Boys reunion man hey shout out to juie he began Wheezy be asterisk TCH you know I love you don’t give AF asterisk CK you know

What I’m saying you mad at me be asteris TCH but yeah be asteris TCH I love you be asteris TCH he continued sh asteris T gone come together man soon as I’m able to move around man I’mma Be the glue to this sh asterisk T you heard rather than me just

Pulling up on an asterisk asterisk asterisk as man we G figure this sh asterisk tea out what do you think of BG wanting to facilitate a hot boy reunion after dissing Lil Wayne do you think the group should reunite share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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