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Bana Uganda E Canada Basabidde Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi


[Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] SW [Musik] [Musik] people people and progress [Musik] [Musik] Freed Human the people [Musik] [Musik] herit Unity traditions customs spirit and the syb of Unity love and [Musik] peace goding heart and to make him Defender Of Life pe of Mind so spirit and body [Musik] [Tepuk tangan] k [Musik]

Isters North America Europe South America duademadaademy Canada [Musik] ikuma [Musik] [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] ang [Musik] yatiwa [Musik] chugaikumaaz [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] katulanukuza [Musik] fe [Musik] fe itiwa chuga Na [Musik] chav Na [Musik] tuikumenga Oh tubu Kama [Musik] [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] isuma uganda ya Fe chitiwa Cha uganda chaav [Musik] tuchikumenga [Musik] akabauway [Musik]

[Tepuk tangan] [Musik] aun [Musik]


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