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Beyonce & Omarion Light Up Our New R&B Season Playlist Update


Winter is here and there’s still a lot of great new music to find within it on our newest R&B season playlist update leading the way is a new track from none other than Beyonce who recently celebrated the 10year anniversary of her self-titled album in order to do so she

Released a brand new track from this era titled grown woman which is a vibrant and jovial cut with a lot of frantic and engaging percussion in fact it’s not too far from what the Renaissance star is playing with these days so this is a really special full circle moment for fans

Furthermore we also got a brand new album from B2K onam Marian this week with full circle Sonic Book 2 with its slow tempos sultry instrumental riffs atmospheric backing textures and buttery vocal performances this is among the most classic R&B on this season update particularly the track taking off with

Bjrn CK is a sensual duet with washed out drums and bubbly backing sents there’s a certain swing and momentum to The Melodies and bass licks here that makes this a Prime Cut for late night drives a smoke session or you know it’s a Marian after all jokes aside we also

Got another cut from the original motion picture soundtrack for The Color Purple on this R&B season update Kesha Cole’s contribution no love lost is a heartache but powerfully perseverant song with Grand and cathartic instrumentation highlighted best by the wondrous string arrangement in addition Lavi dollar HS new single

Your biggest fan strips things back to some gentle guitar and harp strings and a Reverb soaked vocal performance it’s one of the more lovey-dovey cuts from this new batch of releases and its Simplicity does a lot to focus on that emotive Center rounding things out is a new track from ammani

The woozi trap inspired and Incredibly charismatic Heche finally we wanted to shout out the arti doll TS single damaged for its hazy sense cavernous percussion and romantically conflicted lyricism let us know what your favorite R&B season Edition was this week in the comments below as well as what we met

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