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Beyoncé’s Dancer Exposes Her For Being a HORRIBLE Boss


Beyonce’s former dance Captain Ashley Everett is finally setting the record straight on why she’s not dancing on the Renaissance tour and she threw some major shade at queen V there is a lot of pressure and there’s a lot of difficult hard times it’s just in this industry in

General at first fans thought that Ashley skipped the tour because she was busy on other projects however Ashley was recently caught liking some very shady comments about Queen B including one about Beyonce doing Witchcraft and as crazy as the sounds it isn’t even the first time we’re hearing

About Queen deed mistreating her staff and using Magic on them Beyonce’s ex-drummer of seven years she is Seeking a restraining order against fiance she’s accusing her of dark magic witchcraft tapping into her phone bill so what exactly did Ashley say about her rumored Feud with Beyonce how come Ashley didn’t

Make the cut for the Renaissance tour let’s break it down sometimes it can be taken the wrong time away and used against you if you’re a true Beyonce fan then you also know about Ashley Everett for years Ashley was one of the most well-known faces in Beyonce’s dance team and she

Became her dance captain at just 19 years old yeah I was just like this green 17 year old girl like from New York at the time was like I’m just here to try and do the job and get my foot in when Ashley was 16 she met Beyonce’s choreographer Frank Gadson while dancing

At the famous Alvin Ailey Dance Company in New York later that year Gadson invited Ashley to audition for Beyonce and at the age of 17 Ashley dropped out of Juilliard to join the Beyonce experience tour since then Ashley has worked with Beyonce on every major concert tour and appeared in over

20 music videos between 2007 and 2018 Ashley performed with Beyonce on 10 tours in residencies dancing in over 500 shows in total offstage Beyonce and Ashley also seemed to have formed a close Bond and in 2016 Beyonce helped Ashley’s boyfriend arrange a surprise proposal during a show-in

St Louis at that point Ashley had been dancing for Beyonce for almost 10 years and it really seemed like they developed a real friendship so when Beyonce announced her Renaissance World Tour in February 2023 The Beehive had no doubt that Ashley would be dancing next to

Queen B but when the tour kicked off on May 10th in Stockholm Sweden Ashley was nowhere to be seen initially fans thought that Ashley was busy with other projects since she recently talked about her plans to Branch out into acting however it still seems strange that Ashley would skip Beyonce’s first

Solo tour since 2016. considering she served as the dance captain on all of Beyonce’s major world tours meanwhile news broke that Beyonce had named a new captain for the Renaissance tour professional dancer and former Glee actress Hannah Douglas at this point fans started speculating that Ashley did something to get on Beyonce’s

Bad side because she didn’t post anything on her social media to show support for the Renaissance tour Ashley must have effed up real bad for Beyonce to give her the boo one fan tweeted like even Hannah made the cut aside from lay twins she’s the only veteran dancer I

Recognized fans who were at Beyonce’s first concert on the Renaissance tour also complained about the lack of energy from Beyonce and her new dancers and said that Beyonce made a mistake by cutting Ashley Beyonce needs to bring Ashley back one fan said these new dancers are sloppy and not in sync at

All Beyonce has a clean dance standard where the dancers hit every step the same these ones look like a Tick-Tock dance video so what happened with Ashley how come she didn’t make the cut for the Renaissance tour well you already know the internet sleuths couldn’t rest until

They got to the bottom of this and they recently discovered that Ashley had been liking some shady posts and comments about Beyonce including one about Beyonce’s music being demonic first there was this comment left by someone on an Instagram reel of Beyonce that read most overrated performer of the

21st century and Ashley liked it you have to admit it’s extremely bizarre that Ashley’s going out of her way to like shady comments about Beyonce since she knows full well that the Beehive will see it so if some drama really did go down behind the scenes Ashley’s clearly trying to let the world

Know about it without actually breaking any Dawes that she surely had to sign Ashley also recently clapped back at fans who kept asking her why she’s not on the Renaissance tour and she liked a Tick-Tock comment that read if you ask this woman about Renaissance one more

Time now it is true that Beyonce wanted some fresh faces on her new tour however she brought back the iconic dance Duo lay twins so it’s not like she had a policy to replace all the veteran dancers fans are now trying to figure out why Beyonce didn’t hire Ashley this

Time and while some of them are blaming Ashley for being unprofessional others are saying this situation is probably connected to rumors that Beyonce is a nightmare to work with those who believe that Ashley messed up or saying Ashley got too big for her boots and refused to audition for the

Renaissance tour thinking that Beyonce would automatically hire her considering their long history together after the Renaissance tour was announced an Insider revealed that Beyonce being the perfectionist that she has made all the dancers both veterans and new faces auditioned while fans are now speculating that Ashley probably refused

To audition thinking that being a dance Captain for Beyonce for 10 years would be enough to secure her on the new tour Ashley is becoming really annoying right now one fan said it’s so clear Beyonce didn’t pick her to dance with her on tour she did this during the formation tour

Baychella performance when Beyonce had her dancers audition for a position again but then the story took another turn when Ashley was caught liking yet another Shady post about Beyonce being a demon the post was originally shared on Instagram by Hollywood unlocked and it referenced an article about poet and

Teacher Jackie Hill Perry who recently went viral after bringing up Beyonce and kailani’s names while preaching about the music industry trying to trick people into thinking that all spiritualism is the same even though who told us you got to be a witch to be black you are not more black by engaging in

Witchcraft that is still propagating a white supremacist lie that black people in Africa didn’t know Jesus because we are women who are going to love God with all of our heart and all of our minds and all of our soul we are not going to imitate the detestable practices of the nation see

They use Beyonce because everybody’s supposed to worship Beyonce The Beehive and all that stuff but they don’t understand that Beyonce is being used she’s being utilized by the Enemy being utilized by white supremacists who want to keep black people in their place so after Ashley was caught liking this post

Fans took this as confirmation that Ashley left Beyonce’s dance team because she finally realized who Beyonce really is and by the way this isn’t even the first time that we’re hearing about Beyonce dabbing in the occults back in 2018 Beyonce was accused of doing Black Magic by her former drummer Kimberly

Thompson and Kimberly even filed for a restraining order against Queen be alleging in her court documents that Beyonce started a campaign against her that included extreme witchcraft dark magic and magic spells this has been going on since 2006. I’d just been getting worse and worse and worse and

For a very long time I put this person on a pedestal I love them I send emails you know publicly happy birthday and all this stuff and the entire time this person was casting spells and manipulating me and controlling my job situations my relationships um just all kinds of things now when

This news first broke most fans dismissed Kimberly as crazy and claimed she was just bitter because Beyonce fired her however now that Ashley who spent over a decade in Beyonce’s close proximity like to post about Beyonce being a demon many fans are now saying there’s probably some truth to all these

Rumors about Beyonce not being as nice as she seems it’s crazy how manipulated people are to see Beyonce as a queen one person commented they are making us worship her in front of our eyes and we just let it happen however the Beehive is still defending their Queen and

They’re now calling Ashley bitter and washed up it’s giving bitter one fan said if she can’t show Grace to someone she’s worked with for several years that says a lot about her character but let’s hear your thoughts on this is Ashley bitter that she didn’t make the

Cut for the Renaissance tour or do you think she witnessed something while working with Beyonce that made her walk away comment down below and don’t miss out on this next video

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