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Bishop Kiganda exerts pressure to Pastor Robert Kayanja and Wisdom Kaye he offers 10m to each.


After the Rubaga Miracle Centre church lead pastor,  Pastor Robert Kayanja came out publicly on the pulpit and attacked Bishop Kiganda framing him for being among the masterminds of the 10 young boys who protested at his church way back in 2021 as they claimed that the pastor sodomized them and refused to pay them their money.
Kayanja came up with a matrix which he claimed that he got from a forensic officer showing how city pastors like Ssenyonga, Bishop Kiganda, and Pastor Ssempa among others conived with the Vice LC1 Kiganda zone Jamiru Muwadha to convince his workers at his farm in Kiryandongo to come and protest at his church in Rubaga.

Kaye Wisdom also in the live video coordinated by events promoter Bajjo, Kaye rubber-stamped Pastor Kayanja’s statements as he said that Bishop Kiganda made over 1586 phone calls in one day plotting for him.

In his response, the Christianity Focus Centre ministries overseer Bishop Kiganda, revealed the genesis of how he came to know about the boys who protested at Pastor Kayanja’s church.
Bishop Kiganda uncovered the genesis of homosexuality allegations against the city pastor.

Bishop David Kiganda pledges 10 million to Pastor Robert Kayanja and 10 million to Kaye Wisdom
He went further and requested Pastor Kayanja to bring another call data showing how he called anyone of his former employees.
“I heard that I called over 1586 calls in one day, and I believe that bringing evidence (call data) which clearly shows that Jamiru Muwadha knew those boys before they committed the crime will solve the matter,” Bishop Kiganda said.
I don’t always commit myself, but if they bring any call data which shows that I called one of his boys in Kiryandongo before 16th, or 17th September 2021, or any call data which came from Pastor Ssenyonga and Muwadha phone calling one of his employees, am giving 10 million to anyone who brings that call data, Bishop Kiganda added.
Police evidence has slammed Pastor Kayanja’s claims on Bishop Kiganda and Ssenyonga .

What you need to know about the development.
In 2021, over 10 boys stormed Rubaga Miracle Centre church between the 16th to 18th of September protesting that Pastor Robert Kayanja had sodomized them and refused to pay.
Days later, the boys were arrested and taken to Old Kampala police station on charges of criminal trespass at the church.
During that time, the Vice-chairperson Kiganda Zone Muwada Jamiru was too arrested by a money lender. When he found these boys in jail and they narrated to him how a pastor arrested them, he later contacted Bishop Kiganda asking him to intervene and help them. Bishop Kiganda however declined to intervene in the matter and gave Muwada two people he could engage for help on that matter and that’s how Pastor Ssenyonga and Pastor Ssempa came into the picture.
Pastor Ssenyonga responded to the matter and secured bail for some of them, but they also opened up a case counterattacking the pastor accusing him of sodomizing them by the period they were still working for him.
This case is before the chief magistrate court in Mengo and its next hearing is happening on 19th April 2024 although now recording equipment be it camera or sound is allowed inside.

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Bishop Kiganda exerts pressure to Pastor Robert Kayanja and Wisdom Kaye he offers 10m to each.

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