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Blu Unveils Catalog of Classics on Streaming Platforms, Introducing Bonus Tracks and Instrumentals


Blue has finally uploaded a string of old releases on streaming services for the first time along with new bonus cuts and instrumentals on Monday January 1st The 40-Year-Old MC took to social media to announce that several packages he released years ago California Soul 2002 open 2009 the geod Le Barnes 2010 God is

Good 2010 and good God 2010 have gone live across digital platforms speaking about his debut album California Soul he wrote this was the very first project I ever had pressed up 20 years ago in 2003 we pressed 1,000 copies that were gone in a month’s time available now for the

First time on dsps the project is produced by El’s with additional production by Bombay and Ariano it also has features from my good friends Miguel Donald smokes and Cash’s King in his post about open which has also been released released separately in instrumental format he explained open

Is a collection of songs that were made by various artists rhyming and singing over the open instrumentals project this compilation was originally compiled in 2009 the geob Barnes he said is a collection of instrumentals made with a computer mouse and no midi or machine on Protools from 2008 to 2010 referring to

It as his personal favorites he then explained that 2010 God is good the soundtrack to life was originally called God is good in the hood where I lay every day South Central LA adding that he produced this entire project in 2009 Exile produced never dream featuring some of my best friends

Miguel Exile Cash’s King Senna and more good God which comprises bonus cuts from the above LP is a collection of songs made during the God is good sessions there have been a lot of artists as of late who have been posting their music on streaming platforms for

The first time to tremendous success D soul for example put out their entire catalog on dsps last year and their first week streaming numbers reflected just how much fans had been anticipating the release in March billboard confirmed the Del Soul catalog registered 12.5 million official OnDemand Us song strings in the

Week ending March 9th and sold 28,000 albums both digital download and physical copies combined after a long delay and legal battle Del loso’s first six albums 3T high and Rising delas soul is dead balloon mind State Stakes is high artificial intelligence Mosaic thump and aoi bionic finally arrived on

Streaming platforms joining the rest of their discography their debut was the most streamed album for the week and even made its return to multiple Billboard charts the 1989 LP landed at number number eight on the top r&b/hip hop albums chart at no 8 with 26,000 equivalent album units number four on

The top rap albums chart and number 15 on the billboard 200 its lead single and the group’s biggest single to date me myself and I led the recap of D Soul’s most streamed songs with 1 million on demand

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