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Blueface Confirms Fight With Soulja Boy, Makes Jaidyn Alexis Brawl With A Fan At Utah Show


Blue face has confirmed that he will be preparing to throw down with Soulja Boy at Glendale park at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Blue confirmed the news on Instagram with a brief video however it’s unclear if Soulja will be there whether you be there or not I’ll be waiting blue said in his

Video blue challenged Soulja in the early hours of Sunday morning Soulja meet me tomorrow 5:00 p.m. at Glendale park bro neutral area nobody hood or none bring whoever you want bro please show up and run my fate on Sy y blue wrote on X in the early hours of Sunday

Morning furthermore blue also continued to bring up the fact that he had previously slept with solders BM this is BM right here shouldn’t have brought up Jaden fck Anda play this at the versus and it’s over blue wrote on X alongside a video meanwhile blue had Jaden Alexis

Throwing hands in Utah after inviting a fan on stage blue immediately began to beef the woman before shoving her at Alexis the pair immediately began to scuffle before being separated by security this came after blue bragged about how protective he was of Alexis when I heard the word Jaden come out his

Mouth now that’s where he FK up at that one’s going to cost you every time face with tears of joy I turned to a Savage about Jaden the rapper admitted however commenters were quick to point out that blue face is not exactly a paragon of virtue when it

Comes to treating his baby mama right Jaden Alexa stuns at blueface concert furthermore Alexis earned praise from across her fandom as she posted up an erasing jacket and new wig ahead of their Utah concert Alexis paired the jacket with a black crop top and her signature Jaden pendant chain she always

Been a pretty woman she just receives a lot of hate one person responded on Instagram however not everyone was complimentary don’t like ebony PRN and hates black women but wears perm Yaki face with tears of joy someone make it make sense don’t want to be us but want

To look like us face with tears of joy face with tears of joy one person argued despite their often strained relationship the pair are often seemingly Inseparable in October Alexis staked her claim on blue face calling the rapper her dck despite new rumors about him she

Made the Bold claim in a video posted to social media where she was vibing with blue and the rapper was claiming that he wasn’t going nowhere however several people have claimed that blue has in fact been going places first there is cian Rock who claims that she and blue were hooking up

Mere days before he proposed to elect

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