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Blueface has ripped apart crazy and rock after she said she prayed to be pregnant with the rapper’s baby claiming she held up the prayer line the controversial couple again took shots at each other on social media this week with blueface dismissing his soon-to-be baby Mama’s sob story despite

Her claiming in an interview that he was on board with them starting a family together at first I was getting pregnant then I’d have an abortion Rock said in an interview with cool kicks La saying she had three abortions performed in the past then it got to a point where he was like

I want a family I want a baby have my baby she continued so we start like crazy I start going on my knees like Lord can I get a baby I’m not gonna kill this one so then I got pregnant but in the midst of me getting pregnant we’re beefing and

I don’t know we’re going through stuff I’m like I already made up my mind you made up your mind I’m not going back on it Rock went on to clarify her comments on her Instagram stories and said she was sick of the drama between her and blueface that has that has consumed

Their pregnancy man I only prayed because I wasn’t getting pregnant because of so many abortions She Wrote so when we was ready to have one I wasn’t getting pregnant it had me worried about my reproduction system I didn’t have it because I needed a scent from you

I just wanted a family with my lover it’s sick how Stuff turned out because all I deal with is yet immaturity about something so much serious to me she continued then now we have this awkward ass relationship because there’s so much damage one thing I ask from you can you be the

Last person taught me through my pregnancy it’s irritating I thought we was done with the social media BS in real life I don’t need from you just love and even that I don’t need blueface quickly clapped back at Rock sob story claiming in an Instagram story

Of his own that he wasn’t interested in hearing what she had to say bih prayed for diss we don’t want to hear the sob story anymore we over that already he wrote dismissively you got what you prayed for you held up the prayer line just to boohoo about it

This is far from the first time blueface has protested Christian Rock’s pregnancy and expressed doubts about her parenting abilities the father of two most recently accused Rock of entrapment and said on Twitter that his crazy and love co-star was trying to manipulate the situation whoever the judge is on my child support

Case I told this hoe I don’t want the baby she’s still got time for an abortion and she forcing it on me so you better make the price right on cryp she trying to trap me judge look out for a cryp on Sy he wrote

I pay all my taxes judge I am a good and God I got two kids no child support ever filed because I take care of my kids but this victim playing Hogan manipulate you judge she got me bro don’t let her get you she’s still

Got time to end all of this on cryp he added crazy and rock also stirred controversy herself when she previously said on IG live that she wished she wasn’t pregnant I wish I wasn’t pregnant she said at the time I was excited at first but now it’s like it’s exhausting

Honestly I don’t know what I’m doing I’m probably not in the mood for none of the baby traditions and however it seems she has since come around to the idea the idea

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