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Bob Chuwa Live Performance In Tanzania, Royal Roots Reggea Festival


Yeah hello my dear it’s you I love every Joy I feel is the joy of Loving You Is This Love Is This Love This Love hello my de you it’s you I need and the joy I feel is the joy of being with you is this [Applause] [Applause] Love [Applause] w Here love down there love everywhere love up here love down there everywhere This Love is thisy girl Queen of the world you that I love hey baby girl You is this Love Is This Love Is This Love Is This Love Is This Love that I feel Is This Love Love hey baby Girl no is This thank you thank you Is This Love My Lord W to be Your I be W to be A do what is Right sing you my Song Teach the people love my Love my love want I be your so why I Be want to be a Soldier who what is right Make a Joyful [Applause] sound for your blessing to my Love my Lord W to be A w to Be W So R up be so


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    Give thanks

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