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Foreign foreign ah to God again guys Foreign discussions thank you foreign foreign Oh wow welcome again Negative Friday The View s foreign Oh yeah Oh my God Together what a beautiful song Yeah that is good um [Laughter] myself [Laughter] Thank you foreign foreign Thank you Maybe [Laughter] you’re good yes foreign with them is [Laughter] Foreign Ministry ah Um Foreign foreign Russian nuclear government is the government no it’s not the government you are enough power overact Ive federations foreign human resource all right that’s why we call it a culture is government no performance of Omega have they ever fought for his rights production has he ever exp I shared any

Experience with the other musicians Seven okay yes sir Foreign Foreign Another one please data Foreign foreign Guys foreign Any other it’s true um Foreign again your first level of copyright labels foreign I know this music Ians the new musicians yes because foreign foreign Email so there are countries when they value act seriously so government is how can you tell us that you can govern the wax minus the governing body the government you you got a bit of Statistics Uganda registration services Bureau yes it’s okay but at art is different from any other service

You can’t contradict them because anti is controversial and is brought okay recipes Um foreign Demon Individual musicians foreign This is foreign Um [Laughter]

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