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Foreign Completely Bender Yeah um what is between cancel Federation because where do you standing all this um foreign foreign Game cubanga now yeah what are we wow the responsibility Um copyright is it enforced or not okay um performing is These people do they even know um foreign already information Incorporated um Copyrighted once again foreign No This is foreign Foreign foreign foreign Don’t you think the the the Federation um foreign president president it’s a group of musicians because when you come to an association association means you associate the Eastern musician Master associate the northern musician Master associate that was cutting are now representing our Eastern Uganda fed Edition or in a right to associate yeah

Don’t you think that it’s sometimes Association but they are even there is also even a reason of associating not just because it is registered as an association he is a federation no it can’t a refrigeration a Vera formed Federation stakeholders there is a federation Thank you Thank you um Streaming

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  1. @muubadwine7631 says

    Buganda stop taking bobi wine as only person who is changing Uganda yet is the one who have leady to tears in music industry

  2. @muubadwine7631 says

    If Eddy get it top Bobi wine we losing big part in music thus why he wanted Dr hild to used on his side but gvrt even knew it that Dr hild is fighting for Bobi

  3. @muubadwine7631 says

    You pipo you also part of weking music bcuz you want just to make news u just need to surport, copyright is btn singer producer and writer

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