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Foreign still has power uh I’ve said this and I’ll say it again in the sure this sure president it will be very good and it will boost the economy the vehicle it will contribute to the economy foreign let’s talk about yourself I was seeing one economically true I have a singer philosophical

It’s debating that is debatable yes because financially yes philosophically debatable yes academically true true yes [Laughter] I give him credit for that yes auntie what I got in this is one he was doing promotion of a song and he was trying to to remind the people that no still yes because

Resident panelist then Jeff uh foreign zero seven zero two yes four hundred five hundred zero seven zero two four hundred five hundred over zero seven six to four hundred five hundred s up um open my number is a one-time password zero seven zero two four hundred five hundred okay um yes okay Um uh foreign it is it is the state of music National address okay radio natural Gamba natural there is still a Bobby wine in shagulani Center I think that was as a result over a Java um yes Foreign Foreign [Laughter] foreign I think I need the protection I know what is the issue [Laughter] um Simple Man so according to his position um What I’m saying is and music is what foreign yeah you have any frequency and Metro the frequences in the number Sorry thank you So uh for purposes together yes music analysis yeah he could be at the epitome music analysis no dominate notam sauce I generationally yeah Generations [Laughter] foreign a challenge the writing the crediting because they are proud of it and uh the beauty is never the answer the beauty is in the question yes

In particular bamboo this is Generation number foreign um uh yes foreign foreign so uh interview one is foreign so uh then what you know leader whoever they were providing situation yeah whatsoever we didn’t see any question concerning that situation okay press conference industry yes to the public shooting a documentary wow

That is about him and his personality okay uh mommy’s saying Address uh presidential address Disappointed then foreign still has power uh I’ve said this and I’ll say it again in the sure foreign it will be very good and it will boost the economy it will be it will contribute to the economy is two uh interview s enough from what I can tell okay okay um

But I highly suspect it was everyone um so today um foreign that’s how it was intended to be but uh foreign at the end of the day foreign but it was a general Fair interaction correct yes that was his answer is deep into it you know um

Yeah I was seeing that one economically true I was singer philosophical it’s debating that is debated yes because financially yes philosophically debatable yes our singer academically true yes [Laughter] I give him credit for that yes I am I am misunderstood by a small section of people but I am one person

I give respect and due credit where it is due and where it is not I don’t give um your opinion that was your view opinions because I have refused to do like five interviews between Saturday today But one foreign why is a situation um you got it trust me some years back Foreign Been betrayed foreign I stand by that I don’t mind how many people comment negative about me on social media unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to meet someone for us to talk to have a discussion and when people hide behind social media account but the song is lyrically very mature production

That is my take okay in regards to the top City in particular through all these Generations is top three self-proclaimed or it is substantial approved because I find it challenging that foreign do it with these people now we have the top six why the top City yo shifts between the 2000s then Yahoo

So um hype foreign What if it is a Hall of Fame don’t you think it is fair enough to have all these people because um makura chance I saw a crowd is this guy was a great artist all he is 2000 yes sir one top three was showbiz okay the top three foreign

Credit should be given to them yes yes by revolutionalizing a new music while Uganda from a certain Slumber music music foreign okay Justice stamina yes remix and it was never the same again yes farmer White remix the same again yes these three boys did that to Ugandan music okay um

They have been consistent okay body three they create talkability at all expenses very Tron lyrically take away Whereby you have to notice him you have to see him you have to know that baby girl has entered the room foreign foreign um Generations today at a primary school and we are received very few musicians do that okay I’m one person who hates the some words

But for lack of a better choice I use them words like class class A Class B Class C but okay by transcending classes on um chameleon more winner who grinding pedia is stage Muse foreign it’s true now golf tournament award ceremony a lot of our musicians can’t spread that much no problem

S okay longevity foreign we have let’s say a decade do we have artists that can make conjure in the topic that can join the top City um it might not happen always stronger Saga rushed answer is top 20. maker is okay okay I don’t want you to rush I don’t want

You to rush the answers I don’t want the answer rushed foreign foreign Is Confused literally he doesn’t differentiate good better and the best the world is consistent that keeps you up Mayweather is better than Tyson because he’s the best player of boxing and Tyson was the best fighter all are different genres but they were they were they they were okay there was competition most

Okay uh maybe to to get to him Mr Carlo Mr Carlos is confused he’s confused he’s confused confused he cannot even yes bragging rights are part of Showbiz yes first point that Brian writes a part of showbiza Singapore I I want to give you those examples

And by the way if you want to know Muhammad Ali is um how does that happen um bragging rights a part of showbiza a lot of people don’t have much music foreign Foreign please don’t please please airplane atagandica big guy Stadium if big if it was chameleon Brownstone state Airport yes and anything you do supported with good music definitely would Propel you um yes sir um Character bad boy character is fat was bad boy character was fed with good music but boy character was fed with lyrical maturity not bubblegum music uh okay first of all um um politics foreign press conference and his picture has not changed so much foreign foreign foreign He was doing promotion of a song and he was trying to to remind the people that no still yes because At the end of the day we are foreign I’m stealing you for sure yeah you know I’m better than them economically he sang all those things you know this guy what he’s enjoying right now really is better yeah than even the music the music is frustrating music

He can tell you he’s one of the victims because of frustration you run out of that music and focus onto something else that’s where he wants to be ijing do you know how many how much money is making us I’m telling you he’s making a lot of

Money so what I think is uh this is what should be done that’s enough of what you should expect from him also we are moving videos that means this is not what he wants to do he’s still alive he’s still doing music you get me his his but he’s included foreign because That your wives foreign Foreign are you sure he’s not he’s not yes industry um one of the points was consistency consistency is the space he lives is covered by other people foreign a little bit one music made Bobby wine yeah two category through talent and passion then business Network yeah but he misses stage States

Be able to erigga Tab and regardless of tribe race Nation religion class whatever politics homesickness transporting a media project but I don’t think he misses the the business part of it he doesn’t mean so that because in life foreign and by the way the most important things in life

Money can’t buy both age bracket basics wow I’m parking no immediately yeah what is missing it’s not the money the money he has but the vibe okay the vibe that adrenaline that music gives him foreign campaign beside the faces you don’t know where you are going thereafter yet music

Oh a lot of Happiness all through people mobbing you um civil I mean I said

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  1. @mikengobya1250 says

    John K teyalabye interview Nalumasi yabyogedeko ne bya pastor bugyingo yabyogedeko kale obera otya nga ojja ku radio buli monday naye nga tolina info

  2. @kobusingyejoan7484 says

    Y don't u get to see the whole interview Mr John before coming to radio to give ur analysis,people like u are the ones that mis inform people and bring hatred

  3. @kobusingyejoan7484 says

    The failure of the journalists to ask substantial questions is now also Bobis fault

  4. @derrickkyega1627 says

    Naye John k should listen to the interview from the beginning

  5. @derrickkyega1627 says

    Nalumansi was included

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