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Boosie Badazz Joins Discussion on Black Women’s Pay Disparities, Echoing Taraji P Henson’s Call for


Last month taji P Hansen got emotional during her interview with Gil King reflecting on being underpaid throughout her decades long career I’m tired of hearing my sisters say the same thing over and over she expressed you get tired I hear people go you work a lot I

Have to the math ain’t meeting since the interview several of her peers have chined into the discussion including Chance the Rapper Ki Palmer and more ear earlier this week booy badz took to Instagram Liv to share his thoughts noting that power comes in numbers in a new clip the Louisiana born rapper

Describes how black women have been underpaid for some time while hensen’s comments have simply gotten people to pay attention now everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon he explained it’s starting to be a reality boozy but as says Monique been told y’all Monique been told y’all he also added they paid Brad

Pit $25 million and gave her $150,000 but when people start opening their mouth up it becomes reality power comes in numbers mon has been a vocal proponent of black women getting paid fairly in the entertainment industry for years back in 2022 she sued Netflix accusing the streaming service of

Offering her far lower than they paid her white and male counterparts for a comedy special when Chance the Rapper joined the conversation last week he took aim at those criticizing the black women speaking up noting how it’s unlikely they’ve been through what they have they’ll write some stuff and they’ve

Never had to negotiate a contract never had to hire a lawyer he said and if they did it’s like you not in the color purple like you not doing nothing what do you think of booy but as sharing his take on black women being underpaid do you agree with him share your thoughts

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