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Britney Spears Rolls Around On The Beach In A Drawstring Bikini


Foreign Spears rolls around on the beach in a drawstring bikini by Kristen Myers posted on March 30 2023 at 6 30 a.m singer Brittany Spears is having a blast at the beach in her itty bitty bikini early Thursday morning the 41 year old pop star shared a video that featured

Her rolling around in the sand and getting wild in the water Britney Spears gets Wild on the beach in her mismatched drawstring bikini in her latest Instagram post the hold me closer singer looked like she had a great time at the beach in a neon green bikini top with pink straps and cheetah

Printed thong bikini bottoms that were also tied at her waist with black straps it looks like Brit is on vacation with her agent Kate Hudson the two seamed as chummies could be as the two whopped side by side in the sand together at one point in the video Brittany even

Rests her hand along the back of his neck it’s not clear who was taking the video of Britney rolling around and kicking her feet in the sand but fans assume that it must be Cade Brittany moves through a series of suggestive positions in the water at one

Point arching her back or spreading her legs as the water rushes up to greet her the oops I did it again singer didn’t write anything in the caption and she has turned comments off on her posts from the start of the year regardless that wasn’t the only Instagram post that Britney shared with

Her millions of followers only a few hours before her beach bikini video the toxic singer took to Instagram once again to show her dancing in a red dress with a plunging neckline she accessorized her look with white boots and kept her bangs tied back out

Of her face as she danced back and forth in front of the camera in the caption Brittany wrote we had to cancel dinner last night because of a storm so I put my Puss in Boots on like Antonio Banderas suggested cat face with tears of joy cat face with tears of joy cat

Face with tears of joy and listen to my favorite album when I was 13. Janet optical disc musical notes Britney Spears poses in a plunging red dress Instagram Britney Spears it’s interesting that she would mention Antonio Banderas again as she has actually name dropped him several times in the past

Earlier this month she told her fans that she loves the Puss in Boots movie so much that she watches it every night if that wasn’t enough she also opened up about the time when she and her friends used to make music videos at home apparently her love interest was always

The Mask of Zorro actor Britney Spears opens up on her first pretend video featuring Antonio Banderas a little over a week ago the slumber party singer took to Instagram to reflect on when she just made music videos with her friends for fun she shared a black and white photo along

With the post that she doesn’t seem to remember taking I never even knew I took this pic Brittany wrote in the caption I was 13 years old the same year I used to make music videos with my friends at their house we never had a real guy to play our love

Interests so we used our imaginations smirking face smirking face smirking face smirking face smirking face nerd face nerd face cat face with tears of joy cat face with tears of joy cat face with tears of joy cat face with tears of joy she continued we would cut out a picture of our

Favorite guy from a magazine and hold the 200 video camera over his face so the video would have a love interest foreign

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