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Bun B Explains Why a Big Pimpin’ 2 Sequel Wasn’t Feasible for UGK


Big Pimpin is easily one of the best and biggest crossover hits between the east coast and the South as such a sequel sounds like a fantastic idea but one half of udk recently explained why they didn’t think it was very feasible moreover Bundy recently joined math Hoff as my expert Opinion podcast alongside

Static selected to talk about among other things their new album True staic 3 at one point during their conversation they eventually got around to Big Pimpin the Houston Legend explained that the duo label Jive Records wanted them to do big pimp into but succinctly pointed as

To why it wouldn’t have been the best idea for financial and creative reasons yug K was the late pimp CS baby and he would put his heart and soul into It Bun be remarked and he didn’t want to do all of that to get to this point and do one

Song with somebody and heav Legacy perverted that was the way he looked at it when we were getting ready to do the next album the label Jive was like let’s do a big pimp and to let’s buy a Jay-Z verse let’s buy a Beat from Tim baland

Let’s get a video from Hype Williams and let’s do it again boys bunby speaks on Pimp C Jay-Z and Big Pimpin watch then the trill Burgers boss revealed that their first collaboration already sunk them in some debt with the label I was like if I don’t do a song with jyz and

Tim Balon do I still get a hyp Williams video BN B elaborated it was never no they were like why wouldn’t you want that what besides the $2.5 million in the hole from the first song we recorded also he theorized that pimpy wouldn’t have considered a hub verse as equal

Value to him if they proposed a song for song Trade Agreement in fact regarding these Southern Pioneers history pimp apparently didn’t want to do big pimp in at first out of respect for Tupac shocker eventually he andj squashed this dispute across a dinner table but perhaps some feelings keeled over for a

Sequel either way we’re glad that the original remains intact and didn’t ruin itself with a second attempt at lightning in a bottle on that note keep checking in with H&H for the latest news and updates on Bun B UGK and dizzy long live pimpy

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