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Cameron has revealed that the dominance of Master P’s No Limit Records played a pivotal role in dips set’s formation despite being hundreds of miles away from Harlem on Thursday December 21st Killa made an appearance on Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson’s all the smoke during the chat he recalled the manner

In which the New Orleans soldiers would move in their Heyday and how it served a blueprint for Dipset I used to observe these arguments like Eng gas is really going crazy about Eng gas who’s in the same cam set of the No Limit hysteria invading New York City back in the day

So I kind of took all that format to try to make the Diplomat brand he continued Eng gash used to have no limit fights on my block engas was in New York wearing camouflage Master P had Eng gas going crazy Mr servon mystical it got down

With them end gas Shaq was in the video they talking about P got $400 million Eng gas is going around buying fake tank chains all type of Master P had that in a frenzy fans made sure to salute Master P and his accomplishments in the comment section as well with one

Person writing the first independently blackowned record company and the first artist to create his own movie P is a legend another user added was amazing No Limit marketing back then was one of a kind he don’t get enough flowers Dipset would end up connecting with

Master P in 2002 as the crew remade the lad 1996 classic about it about it the record executive even made a trip from The Big Easy to Harlem for the video shoot to make the crossover official it definitely brought some stuff back Master P told MTV at the time I’m

Definitely feeling Cameron and I think we got good chemistry together it’s been fun to be here in an environment where kids want to see it it’s going to be something good for the kids and something good for the streets showing the different communities hooking up cam

Added I always liked the song it’s hot I seen Master P on the airplane we poed it he was with it I decided it was time to bring it back about it about it part 3 in eventually landed on the New York collectives 2003 debut studio album diplomatic

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