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Cardi B Addresses Fan Speculation and Celebrates Surprise Billboard Tribute


Cardi B’s relationship with her fans has been Rocky as of late to say the least after being spotted spending time with the father of her kids offset last week for example some social media users speculated that they had gotten back together after their split earlier this month this prompted a heated response

From the bodak yellow performer who didn’t take kindly to the rumors she hopped on Twitter spaces to unleash on those speculating calling them out for spreading rumors when she hadn’t confirmed anything did I confirm anything she screamed shut the f asterisk CK up I don’t see nobody

Talking sh asterisk T but my own F asterisk King fan base she later blamed supporters for the Outburst reprimanding them for trying to fake teach her lessons luckily however they’ve yet to turn their backs on the NYC native even recently surprising her with a billboard in Time Square cardi B’s

PSA she took to Twitter to to share the news boasting how fans have her back regardless of her aforementioned comments in a new clip she expresses excitement over the billboard and pokes fun at those who thought her supporters would hold her outbursts against her according to the femc those who aren’t

Part of her fan base should simply mind their F asterisk King business so I cursed out my fans really bad the other day and today they put me on a billboard on 42nd Saint in Time Square she begins I don’t know if it’s home syndrome or we just have a very toxic

Relationship either way so it just goes to show you that if you not B gang you should mind your F asteris King business a you thought they were going to leave me ah we ain’t going nowhere be asterisk TCH we ain’t going nowhere and neither

Will I I love you bye what do you think of cardi B’s recent PSA what about her fans surprising her with a billboard share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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