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Cardi B Claps Back at FYB J Mane Over Leaked DMs with Offset


Cardi B has responded to fyb J main after main leaked DMS from offset this DM is M old and the only reason you got a DM is caused you lied and said offset kicked you the studio we was both being super nice to you off of

The strength of our boy po we was literally giving you advice on how to make your serial brand bigger then you came to the internet lying that’s why y’all be stuck rather live for clout then move your product cardi wrote on Instagram Maine leaked DMS on Saturday

Night it appeared to show a feud between himself and offset stemming from an awkward encounter on the no jumper podcast ibrow what’s up with you I was on some cool sht and you come playing with my name but how the game work we run into each other again it’s all love

Bra you C like I kicked you out I was on some cool sht but you on some Sucka sht like Eng gas can’t reach you offset wrote bro I be on some comedian sht please don’t take it personal I want to stay locked in with y’all and I never

Said you kicked me out Main Road in response cardi B and offset reunite for Christmas sleep together on New Year’s the status of cardi and offset’s relationship is in a strange Place despite a very public breakup the pair reunited for Christmas the move appeared to have been

Made in order to minimize the disruption to their children’s holiday in a collection of videos posted to Instagram cardi showed off her kids opening their various presents however fans quickly noticed that offset was also present helping wave open some of his gifts however it came just days after

Cardi was up in the club yelling fck my baby daddy for all to hear furthermore cardi would then go on to reveal that the New Year’s Eve she spent with offset ended with the pair sleeping together did I get dead down yesterday absolutely she remarked during an early January

Space that she hosted for her family

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