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Cardi B goes on rants


Cardi B was up early this morning on IG live and she was going on and on telling her story about how she became who she was because a lot of people had been saying lately that she is only known because she was on Love and Hip Hop she took the time

To break down how she got to where she wasn’t I will say it is an interesting story now she didn’t have to respond to what people were saying but I think it was the right move in the right time too break everything down I feel like my success impact

Y’all so fast but I don’t think that y’all was with me in the 2014’s 2015s and everything and let me tell you how cardi B got started right before I was in love with hip hop I had two million followers write 2 million followers mind you my page got deleted

About three or four times because you know I used to pop heavy out of my mouth it’s so crazy out of my mouth I started doing videos because I broke up with a guy that really broke my heart I had like this anger towards men because you know

I was a stripper I was going through some underscore underscore and I was just fed up so I used to go on my social media and I used to talk about my life people just started following me on his 23rd birthday I said this will be the last day that I

Stripped and I told the world that this would be the last day I stripped I used Loving Hip-Hop as an engine too showcase like you know I’m an artist and everything because people didn’t people didn’t really know that I was doing music I boom so Love and Hip-Hop premieres I have a song

And people are listening to it as is charting on this random Mass chart on billboard whatever we go to a label and they told me that they wanted to sign me for fifty thousand dollars they wanted to sign me to a record deal because love and hip-hop was playing but

They have to finish watching I didn’t know her at all at all I haven’t seen her and I keep hearing that she wanted me to be on that remix with her and everything and I was like oh my God this is gonna be my big break everybody gonna hear my voice I’m doing

Party hostings for 15 to 20 000 so what me and my manager put together because a lot of these labels they felt like I and yes she’s popular but if she only popular because she’s funny and she’s on Love and Hip-Hop and her social media our people are really listening to her

Music the rapper is now signed to Atlantic Records I feel and I feel like oh as soon as I signed to Atlantic things are gonna like go crazy for me I have to hustle again he says when we put that all together a couple of months ago they wanted to sign me for

Fifty thousand right in a Spam of like eight to nine months I think 1.2 million I whatever now I’m signed he adds cardi says her husband was the first person in the industry to do a feature with her she says she was already a stripper so she didn’t get personal numbers

Cardi I grind it for that for this bag I invested all my little money on this fashion because I love I love clothes it was hard back then too to get a front row even at the blonde show for me I ain’t nobody I ain’t gave nobody

In this industry no no producer no DJ no AR no CEO no nothing AI note some females are going to come up faster than others and a lot of people will think that it’s because their labels are putting money behind them this and that labels are only going to put money on on

People on on artists that people are listening to and you can’t hate on that you’re just kidding that’s why I can’t you can’t hate on nobody else’s Karma I’m glad I gave you a little bit of her story this is my story one day imma get a little bit more in depth

But I just wanted to remind y’all what I’m saying she said

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