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Cardi B and offset have been spending a lot of time together despite their increasingly ranker split according to TMZ the bodak yellow rapper and the ex Migos MC were spotted in New York City on Thursday December 28th the outlet confirmed that the pair were without their two children Sun wave

And daughter culture but were quick to snap picks with fans despite taking going out of their way not to be seen together cardi B and offset were photographed with the same fan in the same store and bardy was reportedly seen with offset at teresi on malberry Street in downtown Manhattan

TMZ also confirmed that the estranged pair took their two kids to a Travis Scott concert the day after they all spent Christmas together despite all these sightings together the uaer recently lambasted fans in a Twitter space who tried to insinuate that she and offset were back together shut the

up she said about to delete my whole social media because y’all don’t shut the up and it’s the same dumb my own fan base the last time I got dragged was because my fan base I don’t see nobody talking but my own fan base she continued y’all heard something out

Of my mouth y’all heard I’m back with a NY out my mouth no is FP hasht hashtag hashtag hashtag # annoying for 3 days y’all been doing the same did I say I was back together with somebody I say that did you heard

That did I say it did he say it no this isn’t the first time cardi B has addressed the rumors suggesting she and offset might be back on following their Christmas Day reunion although her last response was much more subdued on Wednesday December 27th the pop feed

Fired off a post on X formerly Twitter announcing that cardi officially took offet back after 12 days the Tweet went on to say that the Bronx rapper was with her estranged husband when he took their son wave and his two older boys Jordan and Cody to Travis Scott’s nework stop

On the Utopia tour blogger Ken Barbie spotted the post and responded with a quick clip of a scene from Real Housewives of Atlanta in which candy burus tells castmate Porsche Williams you just made that up while cardi did not respond directly fans noticed that she liked Ken Barbie’s reply confirming

That the information and the original tweet was false cardi B and offset split became public when she confirmed it during an Instagram live session with her fans I’ve been single for a minute now she said after rumors began circulating that offset had slept with kisan rock a

Claim offset flatly denied I know today has been an eventful day I don’t pay mine to none of that I don’t care about none of that I don’t know if y’all been getting clues from me from my lives from my stories when I put certain music up or from my unfollowing she continued

When it comes to today’s events I don’t think it’s true I don’t care to find out because I’ve been single for a minute now I have been afraid to not afraid I just don’t know how to tell the world but I feel like today has been a sign despite their estrangement the former

Couple has been confirmed to be performing at the same Hotel in Miami on New Year’s Eve but at different venues within the building if that is n enough their set times will also coincide which makes a side-by-side comparison of their respective draws imminent Page 6 has reported that the former couple agreed

To perform at the fountain blue before their romance disintegrated and that the overlap most likely isn’t intentional whereas the cardi will play the crowd at the Lux pool alongside DJ Griffin with passes ranging from $5,000 up to $225,000 the former Migos rapper will take the stage at livv nightclub where

Tickets will run between $125 and $15,000

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