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Cardi B has seemingly responded to Nicki Minaj Throwing Shade at her and Megan the stallion while accusing billboard of disqualifying some of her album sales on Thursday December 14th Nikki took to X formerly Twitter where she called out billboard for allegedly discounting 100,000 first week units of her new

Album Pink Friday 2 due to her 100 barbs contest requiring fans to buy four copies each in her rant she also alluded to cardi and Meg’s 2020 WAP campaign in which they joined forces with C app to donate $11 million to Women in Need been discussing my 100 barbs contest for

Months Nikki wrote in a since deleted post they said billboard reached out to say they gone take away sales for me telling y’all about the 100 barbs thing can’t wait until these next 6 hours are up so I can tell y’all some [ __ ] you can give out millions and cash up money though

LOL so barbs me asking you to show proof of something that was already delivered or purchased is against the rules so please disregard apologies shortly after cardi B appeared to react to Nicki Minaj’s comment by liking a post that pointed out some key differences between her and Megan’s WAP

Campaign and Nikki’s Pink Friday 2 contest the cash up partnership for WAP was during the end of the second week it was already number one and it required n o proof of purchase and didn’t even require you to be a cardi fan it read the only requirement was that you had to

Be a woman who could use the extra funds after her like was picked up by The Neighborhood talk the Bronx rap star hopped into the comments to address the commotion please post who was liking [ __ ] with my name in At first she wrote please post how because of that I

Started getting dragged on Twitter about lies yeah always posting my response but never when I’m being antagonized and lied on I was minding my business WAP debuted at number one and I teamed off with cash app after to give away money for women who was in need during the

Pandemic no mention or purchase of my music needed it was to help them yet keep poking at me with narratives and then when I finally response on the issue keep my name out your mouth outside of this apparent flare up in her long-running Feud with Nicki Minaj cardi

B recently confirmed that she had split from her husband offset I’ve been single for a minute now she revealed on Instagram live earlier this month shortly after the Migos rapper was accused by blueface of sleeping with krisan rock allegations offset quickly denied I know today has been an eventful

Day I don’t pay M to none of that I don’t care about none of that I don’t know if y’all been getting clues from me from my lives from my stories when I put certain music up or from my unfollowing she continued when it comes to today’s events I don’t think it’s true

I don’t care to find out because I’ve been single for a minute now I have been afraid to not afraid I just don’t know how to tell the world but I feel like today has been a sign I want to start 2024 Fresh open I’m curious for a new

Life for a new beginning and yeah I’m excited New Look new life new everything I’ve been going so hard for 2024 to go directly as I want it to I feel like in 2017 I was single and that’s when I worked

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