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Celebrities Speak Out On Jamie Foxx’s Hospitalization


Jamie Foxx hospitalized in celebrities speak out Jamie Foxx remains in a hospital for an undisclosed medical condition and celebrities are starting to speak out on Jaime’s scary hospitalization Diddy has been noticeably silent about this situation and fans are saying this is definitely strange because Jaime and

Diddy used to be close back in the day Jaime’s daughter Corrine shared a message on Instagram saying that Jamie’s condition is improving however she didn’t reveal any other details about Jamie’s medical emergency Jamie’s condition has reportedly awakened alert but also added that doctors are still doing tests to figure

Out exactly what happened to him Jamie is still in the hospital but hasn’t been released from the hospital and doctors are continuing to do tests to determine exactly what has happened to Jaime Jamie has been hospitalized for two weeks and is in a stable condition reports emerged that the director of

Jamie’s new movie Back In Action Seth Gordon has already replaced Jaime with his stunt double Janie’s rep didn’t respond to people’s requests for comment celebrities speak out Martin Lawrence said he’s convinced Jaime will pull through and he’ll keep Jaime in his prayers for him Tracy Morgan who dealt

With his own medical issues not that long ago had similar words for Jamie and said Jaime will come out of it he’s going to be stronger and better than ever star to Sheena Arnold and Steve Harvey sounded a little bit more concerned when asked what they know about Jaime

Arnold said she found out about Jamie’s hospitalization from Martin Lawrence’s host and said she was instantly worried because Martin doesn’t usually share any private stuff on social media Harvey said he was stunned when he heard Jaime’s condition was serious because Jaime is very fit and leaves a healthy

Lifestyle so no one could see something like this happening to him Viola Davis Jennifer Hudson Ellen Degeneres and many others took to social media to send their prayers for Jamie Jamie Foxx shares wild anecdotes from Diddy’s parties Jamie Foxx has recently been opening up about his experiences of filming Diddy’s parties before social

Media became a thing he shared some wild stuff that happened at Diddy’s parties which were not meant for public consumption at the time tell all books and hospitalizations jaguar Wright revealed that several former Associates of Uptown records including Diddy and Diddy’s late girlfriend Kim Porter were writing tell all books about

Diddy before they passed away Albi was also working on a documentary of his life before he was hospitalized and went into a coma Jaguar wonders if Diddy will ever face serious consequences for his actions as many of those close to him have faced unfortunate endings and Diddy’s controversial reputation

There have been rumors of Diddy silencing people who spoke out against him but it remains unclear if there is any truth to these allegations However the fact that Diddy did not publicly send his prayers to Jamie Foxx when he was hospitalized raises some questions about his character share your

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