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Chad Johnson Criticizes NFL as Russell Wilson Broncos Rift Unfolds


Chad Johnson called the nfla Dirty business after more information about the rift between Russell Wilson and the Broncos emerged it’s a dirty game but at the end of your day you have to play the game your way Johnson lamented furthermore Johnson’s comments come after Wilson confirmed speculation that

The Broncos benched him because he refused to make significant adjustments to his contract they definitely told me I was going to be benched and all that that whole by week I didn’t know what was going to be the case I wasn’t going to remove the injury guarantee this game

Is such a physical game I played 12 years and all that and I want to be able to play I want to be able to help this team win every time I step on the field it’s a physical game I never play timid I never play scared Wilson confirmed to

Reporters Friday specifically as Wilson alluded to the Broncos had wanted the veteran cu be to defer an injury guarantee to 2025 under the current language of Wilson’s contract he would receive 37 million in guaranteed money if he wasn’t able to pass a physical in March 2024 meanwhile head coach Shan Peyton

Who cited the desire to trigger an offensive spark when benching Wilson denied any knowledge of the contract dispute I’m not privy to any of those discussions I’m handling the football I know how this has been written but this decision is strictly what I believe gives us a chance to win no8 hard

Decision but there will be no other reasons Payton said Broncos face a financial headache with Russell Wilson in short the Broncos a Wilson a lot of money as a result benching him potentially saves them having to pay out even more money however the team can’t simply just cut the veteran there is a

Lot of guaranteed money baked into Wilson’s contract that the Broncos will owe him either way if they do cut Wilson they will also be hit with $85 million in dead money that would greatly impact the options that would be available to Payton and the team in replacing Wilson

However it’s clear that Wilson isn’t the answer that the Broncos were hoping he would be while his play has declined somewhat he is not a terrible quarterback by any means despite this the bigger problem is that the Broncos as a team Unite they have not been able

To put together a team with consistent chemistry the answer might be to reset completely and use their projected 13th overall pick to draft the best available quarterback that is currently projected to be Michigan’s JJ McCarthy or Washington’s Michael pennx Jr meanwhile Wilson will likely be able to find a

Team Atlanta New York Giants or New England may all be looking for a veteran QB however this is a story that is going into play out for the coming months

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