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Christian Keyes Accuses Powerful Man Of Sexual Harassment


Recently Christian Keys came forward to share his story of being sexually harassed he claims that the person responsible is a powerful man in Hollywood though he hasn’t disclosed his name he explained that while he’s tried to forgive this person it’s grown difficult as they’re widely praised at

One point he also unveiled a small recording device revealing that he’s been carrying something similar for years he says that sometime soon he’ll be handing over the recordings he’s captured of this person to authorities the wonderful thing about confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements is that they can’t prevent you from turning all of

Those things over to the police he explained because sexual harassment is a crime attempted sexual assault is a felony Christian Keys claims to have recordings Keys claims to have rejected the unnamed man on various occasions he says that he started carrying the recording device in order to have evidence if his refusal to

Participate impact Ed his career I was like I need to protect me I’m saying no and I don’t want this person as powerful as they are to try to get in the way of my work so I started recording he recalled keys alleges that the man once offered him

$100,000 to take his clothes off attempted to get into bed with him and more countless fans and peers have shown the actor support after hearing his story noting how difficult it can be for victims to come forward Claudia Jordan for example took to her Instagram story to applaud him he told

Me some of this 15 years ago verbatim and said one day he was going to come forward she wrote I commend him for his bravery Claudia Jordan supports Christian Keys what do you think of Christian Keys coming forward claiming to have been sexually harassed what about Claudia Jordan’s

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